“American Crime Story: Versace” to Tackle Homophobia, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


Homophobia in the police force and the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy of the US military will be among the social issues tackled in Ryan Murphy’s newest , which follows the murder of designer Gianni Versace, the showrunner told reporters during their panel at the Television Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Wednesday.

“More than why he was killed, it’s more about why it was allowed to happen,” Murphy said. “We’re not just doing a crime, we’re talking about a crime within a social idea. This was always interesting to us. Because the idea was that Versace, who was the last victim, really did not have to die. One of the reasons Andrew Cunanan was able to make his way across the country and pick off the victims, many of whom were gay, was because of homophobia at the time. Homophobia particularly within police departments that refused, in Miami, to put up Wanted posters, even though they knew that Andrew Cunanan was responsible for many of these killings and was probably headed that way.”

Murphy also revealed that one of the episodes of the series starring Edgar Ramirez and Darren Criss will revolve around the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unofficial policy in the US military implemented at the time.

“I thought all of that was really interesting to examine and look at again, particularly with the president we have and the world we live in,” Murphy said.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story will premiere on FX in January 2018.

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