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No one was actually hurt during the making of .  But knowing that they used a drone makes me sweat.  As a Risk Management professional, I know what ABC had to do to get that approved.  In a nutshell, a lot of email correspondence with Toms, Dicks and Sallys.

Drones are exciting.  Shows are able to get beautiful aerial shots that no other camera can.

One of Oliver’s friends has a drone, a $5,000 piece of equipment that a teenager can just, you know, play with.  This friend is, of course, rich.  His family has an estate with its own zip code.  I exaggerate, but if they owned one more acre, they really would have their own zip code.

oliver's friend

Because this kid lives on his own island-not-island, he’s a little spoiled.  So, Katie brings him down to earth many times. She starts with saying that any kid who comes over her house more than 3 times a week has to contribute to the household.  Girl, truth.

He cleans the toilet; puts dishes in the washer; and even helps decorate for Anna-Kat’s birthday party.  He seems to hate all of it until the end of the episode.  I will get to this later…

Little Anna-Kat turns 8!  And she thinks it’s time for a little freedom.  She remembers that Katie told her she could walk to the library alone when she turned 8.  Katie challenges her memory, and Anna-Kat retorts with the date, time and mercury rising of that day.  Clearly, Anna-Kat had a strong emotional reaction to that memory, so Katie gives in.  She and Greg start freaking out.  They try lying to her.  Doesn’t work.

bday party

Last resort – use the drone to follow her to the library.  They’re successful at being creeps on her journey, but Greg gets distracted when he sees Taylor and her new boyfriend A.O. (I assume this is his name) pass her by.  Greg is obsessed with their relationship.  The idea of those two locking lips drives him crazy.  But I guess that’s normal for a TV dad right?

In his anger, he tries to snatch the pilot’s control from Oliver’s friend.  The drone goes haywire, and it falls on Taylor.  (Insurance, anyone???)  This type of thing might have required a safety consultant on set.  It definitely required insurance from the pilot.  Here I go…Sorry…back to writing…

Luckily, Taylor is not hurt.  Just her ego,  I guess.  She assures her dad that sex isn’t on the table.  A mortified Greg said he was worried about 2nd base.  What is 2nd base with the chirren nowadays?  Do bases even exist anymore?

Taylor and A.O. are just super duper cute.  I mean, they’re made for each other.  A.O. is supportive of her terrible acting. He practices some lines from “Beauty and the Beast” with her, and they attempt to kiss but Greg is there to put the kibosh on that.  First of all A.O., I see what you did there.  I actually just saw the live-action “Beauty and Beast” this weekend, and they didn’t kiss until the end. Hmmhmm…

taylor and greg

Back to Oliver’s friend’s attitude…

When parents find out that Katie allowed Anna-Kat to walk to the library alone, she is dubbed a “bad mother”.  Mr. My-family-got-a-real-estate-and-what-is-a-chore kid comes to her defense.  He says that she is the best mother in town, and he says that if her rep isn’t restored, then none of them are invited to the gala in his family zip code.

The mothers pick their jaws up and get right in line.

Katie usually has beefs with kids, but Oliver’s bud is proving that streak may be ending soon.  “American Housewife” is turning our little Katie into a softy. Maybe.
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