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It’s Season Finale time for APB, and our friends Gideon Reeves, Officer Murphy, Ada, and Captain Conrad are facing off against their biggest threat yet–not the hardened mob bosses, drug lords, gangs or serial killers they’ve been defeating all season, but somebody cut from the same cloth as Gideon and Ada. The infamous DV8 who last week tried to have Gideon (and by association, Murphy) killed in his home where he was holing up outside the city. DV8 believes that Gideon is trying to create a police state with his intrusions on privacy, etc thanks to his technological advancements he’s brought to the 13th District police department. And now he’s come for the kill.

Last week we left off with Ada admitting that she knew who was responsible for trying to have Gideon killed. DV8 is an old college friend of hers. They came up together in the hacking world, and earlier this season she secretly called on him to help her with something that resulted in him pressing the button that killed a man. A bad man, but still it was unfair of Ada to put that on him; that would piss anyone off, I’m sure.

Now I’m going to take a time out right here: DV8 is clearly affected by what Ada had him do: take a life. Yet as a result of that he’s done a complete 180 and now is okay with any amount of bodies hitting the floor directly caused by his actions. It’s an inconsistency in the character that I couldn’t really get past; for me, they needed to explain something a little something deeper in DV8’s psyche. He thinks he’s doing good for the city by revealing Gideon’s corrupt police state, as he sees it, yet he’s willing to kill or injur plenty of innocent people in that state he’s trying to protect? DV8 also always speaks with the menace and cadence of a Bond villain, not somebody who actually believes they are the hero. The writers had a good opportunity to make an interesting villain, one that viewers had to ultimately question whether he was actually right in doing what he did. They started down this path last week when after discovering Gideon is sourcing illegally obtained data on normal citizens in his “Secret Lab” Murphy tells him that while DV8 is crazy, he’s not wrong. I was waiting for that to pay off this episode, and it never does.

Anyway, if Murphy is the moral center of the show, then you have to get behind her when she stays on Gideon and Captain Conrad about Ada being arrested for withholding information that could have gotten officers killed, thus making her practically complicit in DV8’s crime. But they convince Murphy to back off a bit as they will need Ada to keep others alive. DV8 is back at it already, and he’s tapped into Chicago’s transportation grid.

They find this out a little too late. Captain Conrad has led a charge of policemen out of the station down to where DV8 is supposed to be having a meeting with some of the nefarious criminals that helped him execute his crimes last week (they get this info from Murphy interrogating the man they captured). On the way there, Conrad is just telling everyone to keep their eyes peeled when he is SLAMMED by a car coming through the intersection. Turns out DV8 has hacked the transportation grid and collisions are happening all around Chicago. I believe he even spells the name DV8 in green lights on the grid, which seems a little comic-book villain-y but to each his own I guess.

Ada can’t fix the transportation grid because DV8 hard-wired something into it at the transportation building. Earlier in the episode we saw him casually murder the one night guard at that building. Goss and Brandt are on it. They get there and head to the roof where all the circuitry is. They don’t have time to call for an expert but they locate the device and after getting zapped by some wires, Brandt is able to pull it off. The grid is fixed and they are able to pinpoint where DV8 is working from. He’s on a train heading out of the city!

Murphy, Gideon, and a couple officers rush to the train and, predictably, DV8 gets the upper hand there as well. Ada is in the process of hacking into the railway system to help when two FBI officers show up demanding that she come with them for aiding and abetting a terrorist. Conrad (who has a couple broken ribs but still reports back to the station, God love him) staves them off as long as he can until they physically grab Ada. She wrestles herself away and pushes the LAST button she needs to, making the train abruptly stop, and in the moment of thrown balance Murphy is able to get the upper hand on DV8.

However, he has one last surprise. Mayor Selgado has used this whole fiasco as political leverage to oust Gideon Reeves from the 13th District, who has been embarrassing him ever since he stepped in there. DV8 set up some sort of end game at City Hall, where Selgado just happens to be making his speech about asking Reeves to step down. Murphy and Gideon rush there but it’s too late. Selgado is gunned down at the podium by a robot gun that was somehow set up on an adjacent building without anyone noticing. Gideon takes it out while Murphy checks the mayor’s pulse. She shakes her head. “We’re too late,” she says.

“No. We’re just beginning,” says Gideon in the final word of the season (and, in all likelihood, the series, so… maybe not so much on the whole ‘beginning’ thing). Overall I enjoyed the show. It was at times cheesy and predictable, as any police procedural is, and sometimes our main protagonist standing safely in a police station screaming at a screen wasn’t the most climactic of pay-offs. There were one too many episodes that ended in abandoned warehouses (see: every episode but like two). But the actors are charming and the series did try to put a clever spin on an all too tired TV staple. I give this episode a B.


Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)TB-TV-Grade-B
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