Aziz Ansari Eats His Way Through Italy in a Very Euro Trailer for “Master of None” Season 2 (VIDEO)


The last season of MASTER OF NONE left us on a cliffhanger as Dev (Aziz Ansari) broke up with Rachel (Noel Wells) and made a last-minute decision to travel to Italy for what could be his Eat, Pray, Love tour of self-discovery. I don’t know about the “pray” and “love” part, but in the new trailer for the second season, there is plenty of eating — and there is nothing wrong with that.

Besides the eating, the trailer doesn’t give us too much insight into what’s in store for Dev in season 2. Through a very cinematic Euro lens, we see him go on some rebound dates, but more importantly, we see him and his big bud Arnold (Eric Wareheim) galavanting through Italy on Vespas. We also catch glimpses of Dev’s parents (Ansari’s real-life parents who have become fan favorites) as well as the return of his pals Denise (Lena Waithe) and Brian (Kelvin Yu) — but no sign of Rachel.

As much as it pains me to say, perhaps season one marked the end of Dev and Rachel. According to the season 2 synopsis, Dev returns to New York after traveling through Italy and embarks on a new career opportunity and develops a complex relationship with someone very meaningful to him.

The season 2 trailer gives enough to entice. It not only builds on the awesome groundbreaking debut season but will make you hungry as well. May 12 can’t come fast enough.

 | Staff Writer
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