Charlie Plummer Takes the Lead in Schizophrenia Drama “Words on Bathroom Walls”

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There’s little question in my mind that is destined to be a very big star, and I didn’t just decide that by seeing him in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World or for his small role in Oren Moverman’s The Dinner last year either, but because I saw him playing the lead role in 45 Years director Andrew Haigh’s new film Lean on Pete. Not only that but I literally just got back from interviewing Haigh and Plummer for that film, and I was equally impressed with the 18-year-old.

If you watch Lean on Pete, you won’t be surprised by all the roles Plummer will be getting in the coming months, and sure enough, he’s just been cast as the lead in Thor Freudenthal’s drama , playing a young man with schizophrenia who enrolls at a new school.

Produced by Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon from a script by Nick Naveda, the film is Freudenthal’s foray into more serious adult fare after directing Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

In the film, Plummer’s character will be dealing with his schizophrenia as he goes to a new school under a new med, but then the truth comes out about his illness, forcing Adam to make some tough choices.

Plummer got quite a bit of attention for playing the young John Paul Getty III, grandson of the tycoon who is kidnapped by ransom-seekers last December, but even moreso when his real grandfather Christopher Plummer was cast as the elder Getty, replacing the disgraced Kevin Spacey.

Even before that, Plummer was receiving raves during festival season for his lead role in Lean on Pete, which A24 will release on April 8. In that film, Plummer has scenes holding his own against vets like Steve Buscemi and Chloe Sevigny in Andrew Haigh’s film. (Look for my interview with Plummer and Haigh sometime in early April.)  Plummer also appears in the film Spontaneous with Katherine Langford and recently booked the lead in the apocalyptic film Gully.

Plummer is represented by , , and , and his casting was initially reported by the Hollywood Reporter

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