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DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY ramps up the horror in “Watkin.” And by horror, I don’t mean that the episode is spent entirely in shock-value elements that would scare the pants right off of you – though there is a certain level of that – but also, it’s not quite that at all. But it is. What I’m saying is, everything is connected, okay?

We didn’t spend quite as much time in jokey-jokeness in this episode. And we didn’t see Bart and Ken at all – wonder what that odd couple is up to. But we did get more of the thrilling parts of the show, a couple more pieces to the puzzle (including the question to the answer I’ve been asking myself since press for the show started – what is that lightbulb room, anyways?), and a special moment, right there at the end that reminds us that these bad guys after Dirk are not villains to be taken lightly. Yeah, that last scene of the episode will make you go, “Oh, snap!” But maybe think stronger expletive, if you know what I mean.


So let’s count them up, shall we? Up to this episode, we’d figured out that somehow Patrick Spring was involved in his own murder – well, he knew about his murder and his daughter’s kidnapping, at least. We’d found a map that Amanda had deciphered, and somehow Todd’s building was at the center of it all.

Things we also knew before this episode: The Rowdy 3 fed or did something to Amanda, causing her to experience visions. Lydia Spring is now a corgi and a corgi is now Lydia Spring, the bad guys are in some weird body-switching gang, an FBI agent had been killed and another kidnapped by our villains, and Dirk was part of some federal program that got wildly out of hand some years back. Oh! And Bart and Ken want to kill Dirk.

Okay, so you’re caught up, cool. But honestly, if you haven’t watched this show, why are you reading this? Stop what you’re doing and go watch the show!! It’s sooo good.

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Farah, Dirk, and Todd find the entrance to an underground power grid that was owned and operated by the Spring family under Spring Hill. Dirk and Todd fall into the entrance (yes, you read that right), but before Farah can find a way to get them out or follow them in, she gets a phone call from Amanda – some weirdo FBI agent is stalking Todd’s apartment and Amanda is home alone. So while Dirk and Todd try to find a way out of the weird underground power grid, Farah goes back to the apartment to keep Amanda safe. Good thing, too, because what they don’t know is the FBI agent isn’t actually an FBI agent. He’s one of the bad guys, who’s stolen the agent’s body. Good thing Todd was stuck underground, because that’s who this weirdo bad guy was looking for.

Meanwhile, the leader of the villainous group – the old dude who kidnapped Lydia and switched her body with that of the corgi’s in the first place – is revisiting his rockstar past. Turns out he never really let go of his old girlfriend from when he was in his old body, and he finds her at a local bar. He convinces her to come with him so he can finally give her answers as to what happened to her rockstar boyfriend. He takes her back to the old animal shelter where the group keeps their body switching device. He tells her the truth about the body switching, and then has the other members of the group meet them there so they can watch him kill this girlfriend from the past to once and for all prove that he’s moved on from his old body and his old life. And boy does he kill her – he beats her to death with an electric guitar. Ouch.


While all of this is happening, Dirk and Todd are navigating the underground powergrid. There are boobytrapped rooms – the light bulb room is one of these – that Todd and Dirk must figure their way out of. And some of these boobytraps are indeed strange. Finally, they make it to the last room with the power device that they realize must have been running the electrical grid in Spring Hill for decades. The device is in a room that’s filled with screens, which have yet another map on them. Lucky for Todd and Dirk, the room with the screens shares a wall with Todd’s apartment building, and Farah and Amanda – and the Rowdy 3 – are able to break the wall down to get Dirk and Todd out. Amanda is able to recall the map on the screens because of her visions during her own encounter with the Rowdy 3. It’s of an area four hours away. Looks like we’ll be on the road come next episode!

Man I love this show. It’s just so fun, and surprising, and exciting, and entertaining, and funny. I’ll definitely be here ready for next week’s episode – will you?

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 9PM on BBC America

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