Does “Rough Night” Have Any Scenes After the End Credits?

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parties its way into theaters this weekend and while it may not be a Marvel movie, this very funny Scarlett Johansson comedy does feature multiple scenes after the credits start rolling, so be sure and stay tuned to the very end.

Half the press at Tuesday night’s screening had already filed out (due to much-needed bathroom breaks stemming from the free booze Sony provided beforehand sans adult diapers) when Kate McKinnon’s Australian character began belting out a musical number. Meanwhile, I was halfway out the door myself when the final scene began playing, and it’s an important one because it actually answers a key question.

See, a diamond heist factors into the plot of Rough Night, and we’re never quite sure what becomes of the diamonds. Well, if you stick around to the very end, you’ll not only learn what happens to the expensive gems, you’ll find out who gets to keep them. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the big reveal here.

There aren’t any sequel plans for Rough Night at the moment, but there are certainly enough laughs to justify one, so if it catches on with audiences this weekend, there’s no shortage of directions the story could go. Perhaps another wedding could be in the cards for a certain on-again/off-again couple in the movie. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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