“Episodes” Gang is Reunited for Final Ride in Season 5 Trailer (VIDEO)

Sean, Beverly, and Matt LeBlanc are all back and ready to close out the series in the season five trailer of . The British writing duo has never had an easy time of it as long as they’ve been in Los Angeles, and these last seven installments don’t appear to be any better for them as they declare, “You’re the abusive boyfriend we never had,” to their star.

The show from David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik continues to take jabs at the industry, particularly the evolution of comedy in the last few years. Sean and Beverly must work with Sean’s loathsome ex-partner on their new series, The Opposite of Us, who believes that comedies “don’t need to be funny anymore!” Considering how dramatic many half hours are becoming, it’s a sentiment that may be correct, but one with which Sean and Beverly do not agree. Thankfully, season five of Episodes still believes in letting the laughs roll.

Season five premieres August 20th on Showtime.

 | Staff Writer
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