{Exclusive} DreamWorks Signs Lease For S.L. Grey’s Latest Thriller “The Apartment”


〉 The horror-thriller novel about a house-swap vacation gone wrong is due out this summer.

In advance of its July release, DreamWorks has nabbed the rights to S.L. Grey‘s horror-thriller novel THE APARTMENT. DreamWorks Director of Development is overseeing the adaptation.

The novel centers on Mark and Steph, who are struggling to move on with their lives after an armed break-in at their home shakes their once-idyllic world. A house swap in Paris with a couple they meet online seems to provide the perfect chance to leave their troubles behind them, but the Paris apartment is a run-down wreck and the French couple can’t be reached.

Upon returning to their Cape Town home, Mark and Steph can’t shake the feeling that there’s now something sinister about their own home. As time passes, Mark is terrorized by a series of unsettling visions that make him question whether this is the product of his imagination or if there’s a far more troubling explanation.

Horror-thrillers have been a safe bet in recent years. Their budgets are comparatively small, and in recent months The Boy, The Forest, and The Gallows have all over-performed at the box office. This weekend, The Witch is neck-and-neck with its fellow new release, biblical epic Risen, each looking at a $10 million-plus bow.

is the pen name for writing duo and . Their other novels include The Mall, The Ward, The New Girl, and last year’s Under Ground.

In addition to the urban horror novels the two write as a team, Lotz is also the author of YA zombie series Deadlands and collaborates with authors Helen Moffett and Paige Nick on quirky erotica novels. Her latest solo novel, Day Four, was published last summer.

Greenberg, a former bookseller, is a novelist, scriptwriter, and editor. He has a Masters degree in vampire fiction and a doctorate on post-religious apocalyptic fiction. The Johannesburg-born writer’s first novel, The Beggars’ Signwriters, was shortlisted for the 2007 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the 2007 University of Johannesburg Debut Prize.


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