{Exclusive} New “Dennis The Menace” Film Is In The Works At Warner Bros. With Gil Netter


          〉 The annoying neighbor-kid was last seen on the big screen in 1993

and Warner Bros. are bringing back the toe-headed terror, . The last time he annoyed Mr. Wilson was in a direct-to-DVD Christmas special. will be producing under his Gil Netter Productions shingle, while and oversee for the studio.

The characters began as a Sunday comic strip by Hank Ketcham in 1951. It currently runs in over 1,000 newspapers with a single panel daily and a full strip on Sundays. The comic was then adapted over many media formats, starting with a TV series in 1959, an animated series in 1986 and several live-action films, most notably a 1993 theatrically released film with Walter Matthau playing Mr. Wilson.

No writer or director has been attached yet, but sources reveal that the studio is moving forward with the project–and that it is in fact a priority–with producers working to find the right scribe to make the script happen. Netter has been involved with multiple hit family films including Flicka, Marley & Me, and The Blind Side.


Lance Boyle | Staff Writer
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