{Exclusive} Wesley Snipes To Produce Action Drama “59 Rows Of Teeth”


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       〉  Snipes takes the reins as producer of the indie action drama set in the Big Easy.

has teamed up with  to produce 59 ROWS OF TEETH, an action drama penned by the screenwriter of the original Point Break.

Pitched as Taken with elements of the Bourne franchise, the story takes place in New Orleans and focuses on a young “street soldier” who is caught in between a crossfire of morality and loyalty as he must choose between his mentor, the crime syndicate which he sees as family, and a 13-year-old runaway girl they has enslaved. All the while, police are pursuing him.

The film will be produced by Snipes’s and Burn’s — but this is not the first time that the two actors have worked together. They were last seen together in The Expendables 3, where Snipes played Doc, one of the many muscular cogs of the massive ensemble cast of action stars, while Burn played the wife of the co-founder of the Expendables, played by Mel Gibson. 

Since the 59 Rows of Teeth is in the early stages of development, they have yet to find a director and no casting announcements have been made. Sources have confirmed, however, that at this point, there are no plans for Snipes to star in the film. Based on the concept and scope alone, Snipes, who recently appeared in Chi-raq, may want to consider tapping Spike Lee to helm–especially given the When the Levee Breaks director’s familiarity with New Orleans. 

In addition to 59 Rows Of Teeth, Snipes has two other movies in development in which serve as both producer and star. The first is the action adventure Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel written by Raul Julia-Levy. The other is the action thriller Banana Republic with Rosario Dawson and John Leguizamo. Snipes currently stars as Mr. Johnson in the NBC drama series The Player

The movie seems that it is combining elements of what audiences love about action thrillers: a main character at a major crossroads in his life, a trusting mentor, a corrupt past that comes back to haunt him, and a tortured character that needs rescuing. With the screenwriter behind Point Break creating the story and Snipes overseeing as producer, the movie will definitely have a place in the market.

Snipes is repped by APA.


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