Feminist Graphic Novel “Brazen” in the Works as Animated Series

Silex/Agat Films

Graphic novel by is headed for the small screen with Agat Films & Cie and Silex Films picking up the project for 30 episodes, each three minutes long, highlighting female figures around the world in history. Sarah Saidan is attached to direct the series which will air in France.

The series will delve into such heroes as Nellie Bly, Mae Jemison, Josephine Baker, and Naziq al-Abid. The books have sold over 200,000 copies in France and it was published in the U.S. earlier this spring.

This is the latest animated project for Silex who handled the animated portions used in the documentary series Adventurers of Modern Art, which was sold in over 30 countries. They are also developing a spin-off of Adventurers that will be a four-episode series centering around romanticism art and the literary movement. The company is run by Judith Nora, Priscilla Bertin, and Elisa Larriere. the project originated with Arnaud Colinart at Agat Films & Cie, who brought in Silenx to co-develop and co-produce.

“Through these portraits, we’ll chart the battles and achievements of these women who have gone mostly unnoticed even though they deserve to be hailed as heroes and role models,” said Nora.

Saidan is an Iranian filmmaker who studied animation at La Poudriere.

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