Final “The Shape of Water” Trailer Looks to be One of the Best Films of 2017

Water Banner

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight has released the final trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming dark tale . This trailer does give away some important plot points, so if you plan on going in mostly blind I recommend skipping this trailer. If you don’t care about having some things spoiled, by all means, watch on.

Sally Hawkins plays Elisa, a mute, lonely woman who cleans up the top-secret government facility that houses the captured “asset”. Doug Jones plays the aquatic man, which is said to be a loving nod to the famous Hollywood creature from the Black Lagoon.

The thing I love most about Del Toro as a filmmaker is his love for humanity and his optimism. These themes can be seen in all of his films. Hawkin’s is also the latest in a long line of female protagonist that he has championed. All of these elements, along with the incredible trailers makes me think this will be one of the years best.

The Shape of Water is scheduled for a December 8 domestic release, take a look at the trailer below.

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