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Kathryn moves forward with her plan to destroy GOTHAM and Ivy gets involved with Selina’s recovery in “Light the Wick.” There were many pieces moving on the board tonight which means just about anything is possible for the season finale just a few weeks away. One of the great things about Gotham is all the great characters they keep on the bench, ready to jump into action with their own brand of mayhem.

Kathryn’s evil “todo” list drives most of the action in “Light the Wick.” First, she schemes Barnes out of Arkham. It begins like a good old fashioned Tetch-virus-rage infused breakout. Then, one of the Owls ninja’s in and sticks a needle in Barnes to calm him down to delta. When Barnes wakes, he’s strapped to a hand-truck in front of Kathryn. Professor Strange returns from the woods to help Kathryn weaponize the Tetch virus. Barnes is the best supply because the virus is still active in his blood. Professor Strange isn’t taking part in the plan by choice, but he does put his mind to the problem and develops an aerosol version of the Tetch virus. Kathryn plans on having the people of Gotham beat themselves into anarchy but allows Court members to provide a list of names, loved ones, to be spared.


Gordon uses the list ploy to sneak into the Court meeting room and lift one of Kathryn’s fingerprints. Bullock runs the print and identifies her as Kathryn Monroe, a member of one of the oldest families in Gotham. Gordon also pushes her to give him more access to Court operations, claiming he’s done everything she asked of him. She’s willing to consider the request in her own evil time.

Meanwhile, Lee pours energy into taking Gordon down. She has evidence that Uncle Frank didn’t kill himself and she’s certain Gordon is part of the cover up if not the actual murderer. Bullock defends Gordon and he gets points for loyalty but she’s too smart to believe him and he’s a terrible liar. I would have more sympathy for Lee, her husband of one-hour was shot right in front of her by her moody, aggressive ex, but she punches down when she puts Bullock on the spot.  Bullock’s bottom line is to always seek the best outcome in difficult situations.

Lee gives up because she thinks everyone is on team Gordon and decides to leave Gotham. Gordon tries to stop her, the GCPD needs her expertise, and he apologizes for shooting Mario but says he’d do it again. Mario was infected and about to kill Lee, he’d of fired that shot for anyone.

Kathryn calls the Shaman and says it’s time for Bruce to return to the city. Shaman tells her he’s made great progress and completely believes the script about Gotham needing a protector. Bruce’s fighting has improved and he’s learned how to manage his rage and pain, but he’s returning to some complicated issues that Shaman knows nothing about, mainly Selina. Ivy’s been looking for Selina and Tabitha tips her to Gotham Central.


Ivy finds Selina in a coma, the doctor says they’re not sure if she’s going to recover. Ivy steals Selina from the hospital and sets her in a room with her special strands of medicinal plants. Selina wakes after a few nights of breathing in the special air. Ivy is thrilled to see her friend feeling better but Selina jumps out of bed and says she’s headed to Wayne Manor to kill someone, probably Clone 514A. Seriously, when do we get a spinoff of Sirens in the City. There’s so much story to Ivy, Cat, and Harley.

Penguin is also hunting an old friend. This week he corners Gordon in an alley and asks him where he stashed Riddler, and “who, who” this special Court of Gotham elites is. Penguin leaves Gordon with a phone and wants him to set up a face to face with Kathryn.  Later, Gordon sneaks into, and searches, Kathryn’s home office. He finds a Wayne Enterprises security badge and Lucius Fox helps him pin down the lab it accesses.

Bullock and Gordon discover the lab littered with dead technicians. When a Tetch virus test subject attacks Gordon, Professor Strange saves his life. Strange gives Gordon and Bullock a file of his research and a vile of the weaponized virus blood to run tests on, in exchange for cooperation consideration. The deal immediately works to Gordon’s advantage when Kathryn calls and promises to reveal the balance of her devious plan.


Gordon meets Kathryn at a ballroom where the daughters of Gotham’s social elites party. Kathryn explains that Gotham needs to be purged and she plans on testing her weapon on this gathering of young women. She leaves Gordon and hench, Talon, behind to observe the deadly action. Gordon can’t slip away, so he calls Penguin covertly, and tips his position. The clock winds down on the virus-bomb but Penguin is a no show. Gordon fights Talon himself. Talon’s a tough assassin and is about to kill Gordon when Firefly lights him up. Team Penguin to the rescue! Gordon clears the room before any of the girls are infected and closes the door as the virus is released into the air.

Kathryn knows Gordon betrayed her and sends her available hench to pick up Penguin. He winds up in a cage right next to Riddler, the man he was looking for all along. Kathryn releases Barnes to punish Gordon, so we have that showdown to look forward to. That’s plenty of plot mayhem headed for home, but there’s more. Strange admits he nursed Fish back to health, she’s still viable. Plus, Team Jerome must be planning some sort of resurgence. Plenty of story for a finale and seed for the next season. Catwoman. Harley, The Sirens.

Season 3, Episode 18(S03E18)
Gotham airs Mondays at 8PM on Fox

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