Hot Weekend Reads Include Specs About Charlie Chaplin’s Grave Robbers and Moms Searching for Gold

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There are two hot specs making their way around town that development executives would be wise to read this weekend, as well as a well-reviewed book that has come back on the rights market.

ICM is out with Eric Falconer’s spec , which is based on the true story of two bungling auto mechanics who stole the recently deceased body of Charlie Chaplin and held it for ransom back in 1978. That led to a 10-week standoff between the grave robbers and Chaplin’s widow that made headlines across Europe.

Falconer is the co-creator of Blue Mountain State who wrote Smosh: The Movie and has worked on popular sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, WME is out with David Berenbaum’s comedy spec PLAYDATE, which is being pitched as Bad Moms meets Fools Gold. The story follows three down-on-their-luck moms who get together because their daughters are having a playdate and come across a map that promises to lead them to millions of dollars worth of gold.

Berenbaum is the writer behind Elf, The Haunted Mansion and The Spiderwick Chronicles who has been working on scripts about Bugs Bunny and Norman Rockwell.

Finally, Emma Cline’s debut novel is back on the market after initially being snapped up by super-producer Scott Rudin.

Set in the summer of 1969, the story follows a 14-year-old girl named Evie who befriends an older drifter named Suzanne, who brings her to a commune run by charismatic madman Charles Manson. Cline has an MFA from Columbia University, and her book has been described as a meditation on power, purpose, and free will.

That’s more than enough material to keep buyers busy this weekend, so Happy Reading!

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