IMAGINARY MARY Review: “Last Dance With Mary”

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It’s finally here, the season finale! And Mary realizes, (what I’ve realized for some time), that Alice doesn’t need her anymore. It’s Alice’s and Ben’s six month anniversary and Alice is trying to figure out what to get Ben. But Ben has it all figured out, he plans to propose! Ben hides the ring in an inconspicuous place, his work boot. Alice accidentally stumbles upon it. Meanwhile, Andy and Dora are in a heated competition to donate the most clothes for their school’s clothing drive. Their competition gets so out of control that Dora unknowingly donates Ben’s shoes with Alice’s engagement ring in it!

Alice spends her anniversary dinner anticipating Ben’s proposal which, for obvious reasons, never happens. She’s heartbroken and thinks Ben has changed his mind. She reverts back to her old ways and decides to flee the relationship by going to Tampa. Surprisingly, it’s Mary who convinces Alice to propose to Ben herself instead of waiting around for him to do it even though it will cause Mary to disappear from Alice’s life. Alice prepares an elaborate proposal to Ben complete with rose petals and candles as Ben returns home with the recovered ring from Andy and Dora’s donation drive. Ben and Alice accept each other’s proposals. Everyone seems to live happily ever, until Ben starts planning their future. A move to burbs next to his ex-wife. Alice freaks out and Mary returns.

This episode had some great jokes. I actually laughed out loud a few times. Especially when Andy and Dora were fighting over donating Ben’s clothes. And Andy questions Dora on where she received all of the flannels she’s donating; “Who gave you these? Aunt Jean and her roommate?!” And for the first time we got to hear the story from Mary’s perspective. Mary’s reaction to Alice getting serious with Ben is like that of a mom watching her child go away to college. I was a little unclear as to where Mary comes from. I know she’s a part of Alice but sometimes she comes off as an autonomous being who operates outside of Alice’s head. Maybe I’m thinking too hard and I should just accept Mary for what she is, the fury comic relief.

So this was the season finale and Ben and Alice decide to get married, now what? According to Ben, they just move to the burbs closer to his ex wife. That’s it? I think they (the writers) could have given us a little more to look forward to besides the Alice vs. Nancy (ex wife) beef that we could see play out in season 2 along with some subplot stories about the kids. I wanted to give this episode an A because it was definitely the funniest episode by far but I needed something more to get me excited about next season. At least Mary will still be around.


 Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
Imaginary Mary airs Tuesdays 930PM ABC

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