In Partnership with Vertigo, Twin Padres, ESA and Bellevue, the Launch Pad Is Thrilled to Announce the Top 50 Features of 2016

2016 LPFC - TOP 50 Announced - 620X310

Following several months of reading, re-reading, debating, and tallying scores from our fourth year of the Launch Pad Feature Competition, we, alongside our exclusive competition partners Vertigo Entertainment, Twin Padres Productions, ESA and Bellevue, are incredibly thrilled to announce the 2016 Launch Pad Feature Competition’s Top 50.

In the four years since we started the Launch Pad Competitions, we’ve seen more than 180 writers signed, 65 projects set up, and 30 writers staffed, and the numbers keep growing. For this competition, we’ve enlisted powerhouse producing partners Vertigo Entertainment and Twin Padres Productions, as well as all-star representation partners ESA and Bellevue. We’ve never been so excited about the potential opportunities for all our Launch Pad writers — past, present, and future.

For this year, we’ve seen not only the largest volume of submissions but also some of the best scripts we’ve ever read, making this an incredibly tough decision all around. This year’s second round of finalists represents a vast range of storytelling, from journeys of self-discovery and misfits just trying to find their place, to heartbreaking accounts of real world injustice being righted, from epic period pieces to timely teen comedies, and spanning everywhere from fantasy lands to outer space. There are endless new worlds contained in these 50 scripts, and these finalists have invited us along for the ride.

Without further ado, we are incredibly excited to announce the second round of finalists for our fourth Launch Pad Feature Competition!


(As a reminder: If you selected the ESA/Bellevue Signing Prize, Vertigo/Twin Padres Option Prize, or Mentor add-ons at time of entry, but did not advance to the Top 50, you are still in contention to win those prizes. In fact, every competition since we began featuring add-on partner packages has featured winners who did not make the initial finalist round.)

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