iZOMBIE Review: “Eat, Pray, Liv”

iZOMBIE favors hearts over minds when Clive and Liv investigate the murder of a popular yoga instructor in “Eat, Pray, Liv.” Last week’s episode was hilarious, this week is much tougher for those Team Liv members in relationships; mainly the Ravi, Peyton, Blaine triangle. Ravi is the most tortured of the group and it doesn’t help to have his former boss, Katty Kupps dropping anchor in his lab.

Ravi can’t get over the Peyton’s connection with Blaine, but she never saw his bad side like Ravi did. It isn’t great for Blaine either. He doesn’t know who to trust and what is normal for his life. He asks Peyton to sit in on a meeting when he gets a call from a lawyer about his father’s inheritance. Blaine’s father, Angus, arrives with the lawyer but Blaine doesn’t recognize him. Peyton introduces them when she arrives. Since Angus is alive, Blaine has no problem transferring the $32 million back to his father. He asks if they can get together later so his father can share some family stories and photographs. Angus responds in the most hurtful way possible. It’s been a long time since anyone but Ravi and Angus hated on Blaine.


Blaine started a new job this week, singing at popular lounge. Angus and Don E are also starting their new brain bistro business. Don E is full of ideas and energy but he needs Angus’ guidance and leadership to shape the concept of their new brain-offering club. Eventually, the settle on calling it, “The Scratching Post.” Angus is eager to open for business, he makes a deal with a Bangladesh hospital with a terrible mortality rate for bulk brain deliveries. I see a battle between Angus and Filmore Graves in the future, Vivian couldn’t possibly agree with his business. His goons vs her mercs over Zombie Island!

Major has his own little comedy happening at merc practice. He keeps failing his training which causes his team to run discipline miles. He meets a new friend, the DJ from the party massacre and shares some of his real brain stash, a Zumba instructor. At the same time, he gets sicker and sicker. Ravi tells him he only has a few weeks to live unless he tries the new treatment, the memory deleting serum Blaine got.


The case of the week, a yoga instructor named Topher, served no other purpose than format. It’s a complete goof. Mitch, a vengeful former partner, dresses up like a homeless man and murders his former partner, Topher, and frames their former partner, Devon. There’s a whole shoe print, Cinderella angle he uses to lead the cops to Devon, a man he seems to have nothing against. Liv eats his brain and spends the episode sounding like a positive thoughts app, but she doesn’t flash once and there seems to be no connection between these three guys and any of their other investigations. Mitch, the killer, has been in prison for the last five years and completely missed the zombie outbreak. Least favorite part of the episode used only to break up the relationship threads.

Ravi calls the zombie group to the lab for a meeting to discuss Major’s cure. He argues Blaine should try the memory serum first but Blaine declines. He doesn’t want his memories back, and Peyton supports his decision which crushes Ravi further. Major agrees since he’s dying anyway, he should just try the brain deleting cure, then take the memory serum since he enjoys his memories. Yes, there is a risk of side effects or death, but he doesn’t have long anyway. Ravi rubs Blaine’s nose in all his past indiscretions and even confesses his love for Peyton. Blaine agrees to take the memory serum. This is an interesting twist, just because he gets his memories back doesn’t mean he’ll also get his old personality back. We’ll have to wait to see how this turns out. He does help Major find the name and address of a man who might have Natalie with him. Since they didn’t reveal this to the audience, it’s got be someone we’ve seen before.


Peyton drops in on Ravi to confront him about his lovey emotions and bad behavior. Where has he been when she needed him, when there was literally a gun to her head? Ravi has no good excuses and it doesn’t help he’s a little drunk. He promises to do better and wants to move forward. They kiss and it looks like they’re on the right track, then Peyton hears a noise in the kitchen. It’s Katty Kupps, sans pants! It’s not like Kupps cares about Peyton, but Peyton does care about a whatever she just interrupted. Is it wrong that I can’t tell who’s wrong in this situation?

Kupps is back after connecting a two-year-old plane crash with a zombie corpse on board to the same Seattle party that kick started Liv’s zombie existence. Last season, Clive had agent Bozzio stir up his life, this season Ravi gets Katty Kupps. A lot of great set up so far, not to mention, Zombie Island opening soon!

Season 3, Episode 3 (S03E03)
iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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