JANE THE VIRGIN Reviews: “Chapter Sixty-Three”

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Jane hasn’t been real with herself.  That woman loves Rafael, and a little bit of this shows when Raf asks her to get Petra to give him another chance at love.  Skurt!  I already know how this will go.

As foreseen, Jane intervenes, but she puts the kibosh on them getting together in Monday night’s episode of .  Now, why would she do that?  Again, she likes Raf!

She downs some truth serum aka booze, and she tells Raf that she acted irrationally.  Instead of her admitting her feelings for him, she says that she told Petra to steer clear of him because she was afraid for her and Mateo.  In her eyes if Raf and Petra got together, then she and Mateo would be on the outside of their budding family.  Can you imagine Jane on the outside of anything?

Xo points out that Jane is always in the center of every situation.  Didn’t I say this in a previous post?  That woman stays in everybody’s cupcake.

She is always a well-intentioned fixer, but it does get old.  It would be nice to see her on the outside, so for my own viewer gratification, I want Raf and Petra to win at love.

Fabian is the clear loser in love.  He forgets his sex buddy status, and he starts trying to trap Jane into a relationship.  He starts asking her for more cuddle time after shagging.  He makes whiny baby voices to get his way.  And he cheeses a little too much when she gives in.

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Jane tells her mom that she is going to end it with him, but lo and behold, he knows a man with white horses.  Let me back up – her mom wants white horses for the wedding, and no one seems to have them – except Fabian’s friend.  Now her sex buddy is looking hella shiny to her, and because she fixes everything, she goes along with it.  Fabian is happy to help because he is trying to wife her up.  But Rogelio spills Jane’s secret about breaking up with Fabian – to Fabian!

I didn’t think Fabian would be such a divo about it, but he is.  He holds up a sandwich commercial shoot with Rogelio.  He even challenges Ro to a duel.  Instead of swords, they use their fists, and Fabian ends up with a broken nose – by Jane!  See how she gets in the middle of everything?  Fabian deserved it because he was charging at Ro, but damn, Gina!  Didn’t know she was scrappy.

Fabian expresses that he didn’t like to be used.  Jane apologizes, but he just can’t get over it.  Yes, Jane is at fault here.  You can’t play with a telenovela hearthrob’s feelings.  It is a no-no because he is already dealing with an inflated ego.  To be rejected by a regular TV viewer is not what Fabian is about.  Sucks that he turned out to be such a whiny simp, but I guess that’s the way the sandwich spreads (nah?).

Another person that turns out to be someone else is Dr. Luis’ girlfriend.  By the end of the episode, the jig is up!  Rose aka Sin Rostro is apprehended by the cops for allegedly killing Scott.  First of all, Rose is just as dim as Luisa.  Rose knows how gullible Luisa is.  Raf calls Luisa and tells her that his cancer returned.  She, desiring to have a stronger relationship with her brother, threatens to leave Rose if she doesn’t come with her.  The heart speaks louder than the head, so she follows.  And now she will be in cufffs for who knows how long.  She is a cunning lady.  Maybe she stashed another face where the sun doesn’t shine.  Quizas.  It’s a telenovela.

Life is so much better with “Jane the Virgin” on air.  The drama.  The love.  The twists.  The turns.  I hope more and more people understand the brilliance of this show.  Can’t wait until next week!


Season 3, Episode 19 (S03E19)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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