Legendary Acquires Rights to Frank Herbert’s Classic Sci-Fi Novel “Dune”

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Look for a return to the desert planet Arrakis as Legendary has acquired the rights to the classic science-fiction novel by author Frank Herbert. The deal calls for both film and television rights, with a variety of possible projects capable of being developed for a worldwide audience. Any project will be produced by Thomas Tull, Mary Parent, and Cale Boyter, with Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt, and Kim Herbert serving as executive producers.

The original novel follows the Atreides family who has control of the planet Arrakis and specifically the young Paul Atreides. Arrakis is the only source of the spice melange, which is the most important and valuable source in the universe and cause the family to be betrayed. Paul is then forced to lead a rebellion to restore order and his family’s seat on Arrakis.

There have only been a few successful attempts at adapting Dune before this, including the 1984 film by David Lynch and the 2000 miniseries on Sci-Fi channel, which was followed by the miniseries sequel Children of Dune. In 2008, Paramount attempted an adaptation but after numerous setbacks, the studio eventually dropped the project in 2011.

The production company acquired the rights via an agreement made by Mike Ross and Jen Grazier on behalf of Legendary and Marcy Morris and Barry Tyerman on behalf of the Herbert family.


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