Mirzai Twins Out With New Comedy Spec “I’m Leaving You” After Selling “Accidentes” to Tucker Tooley

Mirzai Brothers

Paradigm and Principato-Young Entertainment are out with I’M LEAVING YOU, a new comedy spec from sibling scribes and that has been sent wide to studios and top production companies, the Tracking Board has learned.

The story follows three friends and co-workers who team up to help each other face their terrible exes and bad relationships.

If it sounds a little vague, it’s only because the Mirzai brothers don’t want to tip their hand. There’s no director attached just yet, but they’re aiming high in terms of talent, with Principato-Young helping them get the script into the hands of Ike Barinholtz, who’s coming off a scene-stealing turn as Amy Schumer’s brother in Snatched.

Production companies that have received the script include Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Picture Company and Lord Miller, the latter of which took a risk on young filmmakers in producing the Kyle Mooney film Brigsby Bear, only to see it pay off in a Sundance sale to Sony Pictures Classics.

The Mirzai brothers recently sold the comedy Accidentes to Tucker Tooley’s Tooley Entertainment. That script follows three low-rent, ambulance-chasing lawyers in Los Angeles who compete against each other to represent frivolous lawsuits. When a high-profile class-action suit falls into their laps, all they see is an easy payday… until they discover that there’s much more to the case than they believed. Now they must team up to save their clients’ lives, clear their names and actually serve justice for once.

The Mirzais run the production company Wonder Twins Entertainment and they served as executive producers on National Geographic’s event series Origins: The Journey of Mankind, which just ended its first season with strong ratings that have already led to discussions about a second season. The siblings will also make their directorial debut with The Fam-Bam, a comedy series centered on a dysfunctional family who fall victim to a body-swapping curse that can only be broken once they learn to put aside their differences.

The talented twins’ work has been voted to the Black List four times, including the 2015 entry Our Week With Waller and Doppelgangers, a Logan Paul vehicle they’re also executive producing with Yeardley Smith and Ben Cornwell of PaperClip. The Mirzais are represented by , and SGSBC.

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