“Mr. Robot” Season 3: Elliot’s Fate Revealed in First Look (Photo)

MR. ROBOT Season 3 Episode 301 Pictured: Remi Malek

has revealed the first photo from Season 3 of , and with it, the fate of Rami Malek’s character Elliot.

Elliot was left bleeding out from a gunshot wound, but here, he’s clearly survived his latest ordeal and is thriving. He is seen in front of a room full of hackers in the photo unveiled by EW.

“Season 3 is about Elliot trying to bounce back and fight against the people who have been using him,” Sam Esmail, the show’s creator and showrunner, told the magazine. “Elliot isn’t going to take this lying down.”

Esmail also revealed he never intended to make Elliot’s fate a cliffhanger for fans to wonder about over the hiatus, though surely they can rest even easier seeing Malek’s character alive and well in this photo.

The writer and director also said taht the nefarious Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom), responsible for Elliot’s fate, is not out of the picture, despite missing for most of Season 2.

“With Tyrell, we really don’t know much about his whereabouts or what happened to him,” Esmail said. “There’s a lot of that circular storytelling that we really delve into with his character this season.”

Mr. Robot returns to with 10 new episodes this October.

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