Netflix’s Racially Charged Cop Drama “Seven Seconds” Releases Full Trailer (Video)

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Netflix has released the first full trailer for their upcoming crime drama series . The series is set in Jersey City where tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.

The series was created by The Killing‘s Veena Sud and stars two-time Emmy winner Regina King alongside Clare-Hope Ashitey. Ashitey plays KJ Harper, a black assistant prosecutor assigned to the incident, with troubles of her own.

Also starring is Beau Knapp, Michael Mosely, David Lyons, Raul Castillo, and Zackary Momoh. The series premieres on Netflix February 23, watch the trailer below.

Here is the official synopsis for Seven Seconds:

In an instant, life is forever changed for Brenton Butler and his family. After a white cop accidentally hits and critically injures a black teenager, a northeastern city explodes with racial tensions, an attempted cover up and its aftermath, and the trial of the century.

From creator and executive producer, Veena Sud (The Killing) comes Seven Seconds – a thrilling new anthological crime drama that explores the human stories behind the headlines.

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