Nick Antosca Heads To Camp For “Friday The 13th” Reboot

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has signed on to write the reboot of FRIDAY THE 13th, which will focus on the un-explored mythology of the character of Jason Voorhees. 

The film will mark the third time that the series has been launched, behind the 1980 original and the 2009 remake. 

Platinum Dunes Productions have shown excitement for getting Antosca signed on, and have expressed their love of his work on NBC’s Hannibal

Regarding Antosca, Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes said,

He’s part of a team that did something unique and special, which is all I want from the next Friday the 13th.”

David Bruckner will be directing the film. He is known for directing the segment in the horror film V.H.S. titled Amateur Night

Antosca is repped by and


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