Nicolas Winding Refn To Produce “Maniac Cop” Remake With Vendian And Wild Bunch — Cannes


’s has landed a multi-year first-look deal with and . The partnership will have the first option to provide financing for Space Rocket films. The first movie to be released under the deal will be the remake of the horror MANIAC COP.

The movie is the first installment of a horror trilogy based on the 1988 cult classic by the same name directed by John Hyams. The story centers on the murder of innocent people on the streets of New York by the uniformed titular “maniac cop.”

Refn will produce the film alongside his partner Lene Borglum and Lustig. The movie will be co-financed by .

The Neon Demon, Refn’s next film starring Elle Fanning, is set to premiere at Cannes and is slated for a wide release on June 24.

He is repped by and .

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