“Orange is the New Black” Inmates Unite for Season Five (Video)

Season four of hit Netflix dramedy ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK ended with a big cliffhanger. After the death of a beloved inmate by a guard, and the warden’s poor handling of the publicity surrounding it, the inmates retaliated against the guards with Daya getting her hands on a gun and debating whether or not to fire it. It was an amazing season that won great praise from fans and critics alike, but lots of questions of where to take the series next. This summer we’ll get our answer when the show returns for season five and the trailer above does not hold back in showing the theme of the entire season: stronger together.

The show initially centered on Piper Chapman as a fish-out-of-water in prison, but as the series has unfolded, the world within the prison has grown to show the various cultural cliques that make up the society in Litchfield. In the exciting season five trailer, Piper is barely seen and the writers are clearly aware that the character is not a favorite of viewers as she’s mocked by her fellow inmates for trying to help. Instead, the two and a half minutes continues the evolution of the series, highlighting every major group and character within them working together to take the prison hostage in order to demand fair treatment. Growing up in southern Ohio, I have vague memories news stories about the Southern Ohio Correctional Facilities’ riot in 1993, which saw the alliance of two gangs unite to fight for humane treatment. This trailer shows a strong influence of what happened in Southern Ohio and other prisons around the country. After a year of constant political discussions of the growing divide in the United States, Orange is the New Black‘s microcosm of Litchfield is taking the issue head on and declaring there is “more strength in a single unified message.”

 | TV Editor
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