PRISON BREAK Review: “Contingency”

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In this week’s , we finally learn the “how” of this show could even take place after such an ending in Season 4. Michael, Lincoln, Whip, Sid and Ja struggled to agree on how to cross the border, with a 10 million bounty on their heads. We finally get to the tough question well at least the questions we’ve all wondered since the beginning. How and why did he Michael fake his death? He tried his hardest to put off the conversation with Lincoln  but he wasn’t having it. In fact the tension between Michael and Lincoln was bound to boil over but luckily Michael came to his senses.

After they get past The Company and turned Scylla over to the United Nations, Michael went about living the perfect married life with Sara. It all came to a halt when by a powerful operative nicknamed Poseidon. He ended up doing behind the scene’s work for the CIA. He didn’t just get into that life willingly, but when Sara’s incarceration was set for murder at the Miami-Dade State Penitentiary, he had to act fast.  He quickly learned that Poseidon meant business so in order to save his family he had no choice. All of this makes sense because the prison looked like the 5th level of Hell and I never thought he would give up his life for just anything.

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He faked his death either after or during the time he got Sara out of prison. He’s been putting his skills to use breaking other people of interest from prison for the government. At last we finally have one major questioned answers. My faith in Michael and humanity has returned!  As Michael leads the group away he insists that they make tracks for a train station but they run into a band of ISIL fighters. They barely make it out alive when they’re spotted by Sheba’s would-be rapist, Cyclops who reports on the group’s location, giving leeway to an intense fight at a vacant hospital. Unfortunately, Michael has led them to a dead end and the weight of everything hits him so fast that he has a breakdown. Lincoln pulls him through while Ja orchestrates their exit.

When everyone gets outside Cyclops shows up and Ja’s life hangs in the balance. Sid charges at Cyclops and ends up sacrificing his life to save Ja’s. I love this level of sacrifice because it really speaks to the humanity of the characters even when they’re faced with such extreme circumstances. Sid uses a pair of handcuffs he pinched earlier to anchor his dead body to wounded Cyclops’ own.

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It’s clear this plan isn’t working as they quickly pivot to the airport where C-Note and Sheba convinced a pilot to get them out of there on an old military plane. Troops close in give the group the ok as Michael and Lincoln are left behind. I’m not sure how they’re going to get out of this one but Michael is always ten steps ahead of us. I wonder what this means not only for the brothers but also for everyone on the plane. Will it land safely? I’m starting to wonder if there was a rat in the mix because it all seemed to me like Michael and Lincoln could have escaped if they only had 2 more mins. 

Meanwhile, T-Bag tipped off Sara  that her husband Jacob was spotted with Poseidon’s hitmen, Van Gogh and A&W. Sara tries to leave with her son but Jacob shows up and claims he had a friend locate the people who had hacked her phone. He even goes on explain his meeting with them to find out what it would take for them to stop stalking his wife.  Yes, this all sounds crazy but it gets better because it all appears to be true. He even convinces Sara to meet him at the local cop shop, where she identify the infiltrators in a line-up. Jacob is shaping up to be a lot more interesting than I originally gave him credit for.  

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Jacob is Poseidon?


Season 5, Episode 5 (S05E05)
Prison Break airs Tuesday at 9PM on FOX

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