PRISON BREAK Review: “Kaniel Outis”

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In the second episode, the reintroductions are all over, and we finally get to see Michael Scofield to break out of the Yemen prison! The episode is appropriately titled “Kaniel Outis” because Kaniel Outis is the name Michael’s been using to conduct business as a terrorist. Which really has me wondering what could be going on with him?

While the first episode focused on everything happening on the outside, we finally get to see what’s happening on the inside following Michael’s life in Ogygia and meeting some of his new friends. Turns out Michael really didn’t need his brother to help him break out of the prison since he already had a plan in place and was waiting for the perfect time.

Meanwhile, Sara receives a video of Michael in prison and started to want that old thang back causing her to see what could be done, she cross paths with her old nemesis Kellerman, who had video footage of post-“death” Michael murdering the deputy chief of the CIA. Who is Michael? He doesn’t seem to be the man we all grew to love in the first four seasons. Is Michael really a terrorist?

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Back at the prison we finally get to meet some of Michael’s new friends, including Whip (Augustus Prew), Sid (Kunal Sharma), an inmate in prison for the “crime” of homosexuality, and Ja (Rick Yune), a Korean identity thief with a rather unhealthy obsession with Freddie Mercury. The story finally picks up when we find out the worst of the worst is inside Ogygia — including the superbad terrorist Abu Ramal (Numan Acar) — would be leaving the general population for Ramadan soon, and once they were out, they would cause all sorts of problems for Michael, Ja and Sid.

Like all plans in Prison Break they’re constantly met with challenges that make  matters even worse, as the expertly planned power outage wasn’t happening for some unknown reason; whoever Michael had on the outside wasn’t giving them the signal that he was waiting for. Leaving Michael and his friends assed out for just a moment because this is the legendary Scofield we’re talking about his brother has to pick up the pieces of the plan to help them escape. Lincoln uses a complicated clue that took him around town visiting all types of shady people and quickly discovered that the man who could help Michael was a guy captured by ISIS. Propelling him to risk everything once again to  free the man from a hornet’s nest of ISIS bad guys. Lincoln of course pulls this off with ease and the man who was once held captive by ISIS was able to prepare the power outage to allow Michael to escape.

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It all appeared to work out when the 24-hour warning for the power outage was sent back to Ogygia until Abu Ramal  was released into general population. He immediately approached Michael and for a split second I thought we would lose our beloved character once again. Surprise!  Abu Ramal gave him a hug and then called him “brother.” Ramal then asked Michael if he found a way for them to escape, and Michael said, “Yes, tomorrow night.”

Last week’s premiere really kicked things off with a running start, this week the storyline felt a bit flat with Lincoln’s quest to find the “sheik of light” mentioned in one of his brother’s always-cryptic notes but they make up for it with the surprise ending. I always enjoyed the subtle but big surprises laced into the storylines for each of the characters and I’m glad to see they kept it up so far in this season.

So many questions, so little time. Is Michael really a terrorist now? Or was Michael sent into the prison by someone else to break Abu Ramal out? What did you think of this week’s episode?


Season 5, Episode 2 (S05E02)
Prison Break airs Tuesday at 9PM on FOX

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