PRISON BREAK Review: “Wine Dark Sea”

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In the seventh installment of the revival, we dig deep into the characters that really make the show as incredible as it is. The choice to bring back Sucre and finally delivering a Michael and Sara reunion gave us nostalgia about the original series. Something I didn’t know I needed until it happened. This was the reunion I’ve been waiting for much like the millions of viewers that have been tuning in each night. We finally get the story out of Yemen which was a major help as the setting was beginning to become boring and overdone.  I couldn’t take another episode in Yemen.

Even with the return of Sucre, Ja staes behind in Yemen. Arguably, I never felt as though Ja was ever established as a long lasting character and justly felt his time was coming to an end. I will say that he was getting interesting but it was a slow burn to a candle that was already dying. It didn’t really come across as though Ja had found peace in the desert, but I’m happy he wasn’t killed off for a shock value. Something we’ve become familiar with in this series since shock is a valued commodity in a show like this but saying goodbye Ja in that matter wouldn’t have done the story or character justice. Whip is the last man standing even though he’s struggled to find his place in Ogygia group it was good to see Lincoln declare him as part of the family.

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The best moment of this entire series thus far is the reunion of Michael and Sara one that has taken a very long time to happen but proved worth the wait. Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies still have an enticing chemistry that works well when they’re in the room together making their reunion look like usual business. It seems like no time has passed because as soon as we get them together they have to say goodbye. When Michael requested to meet his son for the first time a glimpse of their future family instantly popped into my head.

One of the most disappointing moments of the episode had to be the reveal of Poseidon because the secret was already out of the bag with such a sloppy set up even a blind person could have seen this one coming. Since Michael provided new context to Poseidon his motivations finally make sense. After he recruited Michael, Jacob decided that he wanted Sara for himself, so he framed Michael for murder, marked him as a terrorist, and made sure that he was in a prison he couldn’t escape from. Obviously the joke is on him because Michael did escape! Even with all the tension Jacob’s anger towards Sara felt understandable, since he really did try to be the loving husband that would replace Michael.

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As for his goons, A&W and Van Gogh, are up to no good. I was surprised that Henry wasn’t fully on board with the agenda of 21 Void, but not when he ended up dead. Still, A&W and Van Gogh activities have been exposed and their inclusion in the season wasn’t really adding up. They didn’t even follow up on their lead about Michael’s contact in the United States. I felt like their addition to the story was never really thought out all the way and it shows. The devil is in the details and the writers definitely missed this one. With the addition of Sucre the story improved immensely as he really did have the best lines. Lucky for us it looks like he’ll be in future episodes. Putting Michael and company on a freighter ship proved to be a smart choice.

Following the group’s escape from the Navy Seals and the destruction of the ship we get those action beats that Prison Break is known for. With the tensions already looming from Jacob over Sarah and Michael it was time for the duo to come home and make things right for their family. It finally feels like Prison Break is on the right track with the reunion and the storylines really giving to each character’s strength. It’s a shame the Poseidon admission didn’t have a much bigger impact as it should have. With Sucre back in the mix I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next. I’m also very happy that we’re finally out of Yemen as that became a prison in itself.

What did you think of this episode? How do you feel about Sarah and Michael’s reunion?
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