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Well, that’s a wrap on season two of , and I have to say I rather enjoyed the finale. For all intents and purposes it served very well as a series finale. Everything gets wrapped up in a fairly tidy fashion that did not leave me scratching my head (for once). At the time this episode was written and shot, it was unclear as to whether ABC was going to renew Quantico for a third season. But just yesterday, right around when the finale was airing on the east coast, news broke that Quantico WILL return for an abbreviated third season of thirteen episodes. That said, it’s going to be hard for the writers to find a more fitting series conclusion than this.

Last week we left off with our hero Alex Parrish asking her group of operatives “Who wants to be a terrorist?” As Rourke took the presidency set on turning American democracy into an oligarchy by way of constitutional convention, the team knew that they would have to fight their own government to save it. President Rourke dismantled both the FBI and the CIA and combined them into one intelligence agency called DISA. The team is in fact part of that, but operating undercover as a rogue faction, and have exactly one hundred days (when the constitutional convention was set) to make their stand. The team springs into action right away.

Now working out of the back of the bar they all frequent most often, the Gold Leaf, they try to come up with ways that they can take down this presidency. I am not sure why they have given up the safety of the Bunker, but I assume it had something to do with it being compromised. Anyway, on a board the team is trying to work out which states will vote which ways on Rourke’s constitutional amendments. They identify four who are vulnerable and determine they are going to lie and blackmail their way into winning those votes against Rourke. That doesn’t exactly work out. Felix all but says the Collaborators are listening to them and know their every move. “Stop trying to outsmart them and surprise them,” he tells Clay. When he gets to the bar he learns that the entire team is being fired from DISA.

Okay, so, next option. Clay figures that while Peter Theo has been surveilling the operatives, he most likely is also keeping tabs on Rourke himself. If they can get to wherever Theo keeps that information, they may be able to incriminate Rourke and get him out of the White House once and for all. With the help of a couple old friends from the FBI who conveniently distract Theo with a threesome, they are able to get into Theo’s place undetected and get all the necessary incriminating evidence off his computer.

From there they contact the Russians (of course) and give them all the information on Rourke… with the one request that they use this information to get Rourke to change one of his amendments. Clay is able to set up a camera that captures footage of Rourke on the phone with the Russians being blackmailed and agreeing to alter the amendment. At the constitutional convention, Alex’s face appears on a large screen just as Rourke tells the country his “state” has decided to “alter the language” on one of the amendments. Alex plays the video and Rourke is done. Alex then reveals she is releasing all the incriminating evidence to civil liberty organizations and major law firms to go over and decide just how corrupt Rourke really is (which is a lot). This all went way too smoothly, right?

That’s when Alex Parrish gets shot in the chest. She’s rushed to an ambulance with Ryan crying by her side where it is revealed that she faked the shooting. She couldn’t tell Ryan because she needed an authentic reaction from him. Alex will have to go back underground at least for a while. And, also on a happy note, Rourke shoots himself instead of facing the press! Smiles all around.

From here we flash forward to see just how neatly everything has been wrapped up. The gang is back in the bunker together and we get a little catch up on what has gone down. Clay and Maxine are back together and they eloped (it was revealed earlier that Maxine did not actually dump Clay, it was the other way around–he wanted to save her from being attached to the downfall of his family name). Owen is now the deputy director of the CIA. Both Nimah and Raina are out of jail. Shelby is training new recruits at Quantico. But at least one person is blatantly missing. “I miss her,” Shelby says.

And we cut back to Alex fleeing the country, on board a plane drinking whiskey going to who knows where. Ryan boards with her and takes a seat, recalling the very first scene in the pilot episode. They have come a long way. Ryan tells her that wherever she runs, that is where he wants to be. She cries and reaches her hand across the aisle to touch his shoulder. And thus concludes the second season of Quantico. Now how do you have a better series finale than that?! I am a sucker for full circle endings (Jerry and George having the same conversation in their jail cell at the end of Seinfeld as they did in the pilot episode comes to mind). It will be interesting to see where the third season can take these characters and what threats they will have to defeat together in the end.

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