Red Hot Short Story “The Detective” From Hit List, Blood List & Young & Hungry List Writer Targets Major Buyers Going into the Weekend (Exclusive)

Training Seven

The 2019 spec market is officially open!

The past two weeks have seen more than a dozen high profile spec, pitch & IP buys, and now going into the weekend the market has turned its attention, and its development funds to a new project that already has A-list directors and talent circling.

The project, entitled , is a new short story coming to us from Hit List, Blood List and Young & Hungry List alum Carver Gray. Being pitched as a high concept sci-fi thriller in the vein of ‘Training Day‘ meets ‘Seven‘ the story focuses on an emotionally-broken detective with preternatural abilities who after losing his wife to a ‘hit’ that he knows was meant for him, joins a hi-tech law enforcement division that maps his brain and allows him to revisit every memory and case file of his entire life in order to track down the killer. However, what he didn’t expect was the ability to relive every moment of his life with his wife before she died.

The short story, which we tracked exclusively here at Tracking Board is already confirmed to have multiple buyers targeting the property, as additional producers fight to build packages, with an eye toward a franchise-starting vehicle for a studio and star, and a quick path to production. Following a string of multi-million dollar short story purchases this year, this project is already eyeing joining the ranks of what is quickly becoming one of the most popular IP purchases of 2019.

Gray, who recently signed with and of , and who continues to be represented by of , previously wrote the end of year list topper , and adapted the James Hankins novel for Romark Entertainment.

We’ll continue to track this into the weekend…


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