Ryan Gosling Takes the Reins in “Blade Runner 2049” Trailer (Video)

The trailer for , the sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi classic, has a lot going on, including big action, loads of set pieces, and plenty of big name stars.

Set years after the original film, this new stories follows LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a blade runner, who discovers a secret which leads him to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford, reprising his role from the original). Also appearing in the film is Jared Leto (in what seems to be a creepy villainous role), Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, and more.

As a franchise, the interest in Blade Runner is debatable — criticism is mixed, it’s been over three decades since the original film and it worked well as a contained story. However, it’s the people involved with this film that make it interesting and exciting. 2049 is directed by Denis Villeneuve, who, arguably, has never made a bad film in his career (among those films are Arrival, Sicario, and Prisoners) and Roger Deakins is doing the cinematography. That’s an impressive duo and so regardless of if, narratively, a sequel is necessary or not, there’s prestige behind the camera that elevates this film beyond necessity.

Really, though, it’s another way to campaign for Deakins, who has been nominated for 13 Oscars, to finally win the gold statue.

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