Seth Rogen, Point Grey Pictures Developing Remake of British Comedy “Plebs”

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and are looking overseas for their next television project, specifically the British madcap comedy , which Rogen wants to bring to these shores with a U.S. remake.

Rogen and his production partner Evan Goldberg have optioned the rights to the show from its British production company Rise Films.

Point Grey has had quite a bit of success with the AMC show Preacher, which had taken years in development as a film before they duo figured out a way to adapt it into a television series. The duo also produced the recent comedy The Disaster Artist and the movies Sausage Party and Neighbors.

The show is described as similar to the popular coming-of-age series The Inbetweeners if it was set in anceitn Rome where three Romans — Marcus, Stylax and slave Grumio —  work at a grain company while trying to hook up with their neighbors.

The show stars Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson, and it was created by British writers Sam Leifer and Tom Basden and produced by Rise Films for ITV2, Robert Lindsay, Tom Davis and Maureen Lipman will be some of the guest stars on the upcoming fourth season with Jonathan Pointing replacing Joel Fry. The fourth season involves the trio trying to buy an abandoned toilet to convert it into a wine bar.

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