SNOWFALL Review: “A Long Time Coming”

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Winter is coming for the LA barrios.  Oso and Lucia make a drug deal that is sure to put their footprint on the Latinx community.  Oso knew someone from back in the day, and he hooks him up with a powerful Mexican gang that is currently slinging yayo, but they’re getting it from somewhere else.  Clearly, what Oso and Lucia are offering is the good stuff.  They ultimately got it from the U.S. government, so what would be better than that?  After Oso kicks the shit out of a loud-mouth addict, he makes a 19 per kilo deal that I think makes Lucia a bit juicy.  I mean, a man named Bear, former wrestler, putting a beatdown on some asshole that, oh yeah, sexually harassed me??!  Yes, I would be mojada, too.

Oso also saves Franklin’s little life.  Poor little tink tink.  He survived Avi’s test some episodes ago, and he has murdered someone.  Now, he thinks he can go into some Latinx gang community and present his “product” to them.  Oh, how wrong he is.

He pays for the address from a local cat, who played Jason’s degenerate brother in “Jason’s Lyric”, but that’s neither here nor there.


Franklin pulls up in front of a house, realizing how hostile the vibes are.  A man literally walks in front of the car and just posts up.  Another guy slides up to his window and asks what he wants.  Franklin claims that he is in the wrong neighborhood.  As he tries to rev up the car, the guy breaks his window and pulls him out the car.  They are ready to kill him on some “Training Day” ish.  This scene made me think about how the rookie cop was pulled into a tub, prepped to be shot in the face with no clean-up.  In Franklin’s case and the rookie’s case, they’re technically saved by little girls.  The rookie saved one of the guy’s nieces from a rape, and well, someone’s god-daughter was looking on as they were beating up Franklin.  The guys did not want all that to be done in front of the latter, so he urges his crew to get him upstairs.  Lo and behold, Oso saves him and says that because he just made a deal with their boss Stomper, they have to let him go.  They do what they’re told (after a head nod and whistle from Stomper himself).

Franklin is confused as to why Oso was there in the first place.  He was a big wrestling fan, but now they’re technically rivals.  And that’s putting it lightly.  In the world of “The White Girl”, only extreme language applies.

One the other side of the country, Teddy continues to show how much of a f** boi he is.  After he’s done taking care of business, he calls his wife to say he is in D.C.  He explains that he wants to work it out with her and be there for their son.  Ugh. Miss me with that.

At first, it seems as though his wife has a backbone.  She claims that she’s not sure whether she wants to make it work, but if he comes by to see her and the kid, then he needs to bring some Thai food. What??  You ask for more than that when a man is trying to get in your good graces.  Have you not learning anything in your decades of life?

Teddy arrives with the food and some peen, too.  I assume she is satisfied because she ignores the baby when he cries.  It’s funny that Teddy has no idea what to do what that happens.  Speaks to how he is never around them.  Post-orgasm, they actually have a conversation about the future.  Teddy, in my opinion, doesn’t grovel enough, and she claims that she is going to give him another chance.  Boo, quit it.  He has done this before, and he’s going to do it again – leave your butt in D.C. while he travels the world cleaning up a big CIA screw-up.  You wait and see.


Teddy might be the worst character.  I think he is so full of shit.  He acts like he’s a good guy, but he’s not.  That is the definition of a f*** boi.  Coming to D.C. for however long, and promising something that he can’t is just wrong.  I am looking forward to his wife not only leaving him but leaving him with some choice words, preferably peppered with cuss gems.

has me interested again.  I would just like to care more about the characters.  Invite my emotions to this show, please.  Otherwise, I will just be lukewarm.  And that never works in the game of retention.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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