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Men are horrible and selfish, and we can all call ourselves a survivor for dealing with them – or at least, that’s the takeaway from this week’s episode of , “Destiny’s Child.” As the show continues to stir up emotion, the episode will cater to a serious bad habit of killing time while we watch and wait to see if fate will have Serena lose her breath on a permanent basis.

This episode requires we soldier on through Tom’s deranged and twisted justification of whatever it is he’s caught up in. It’s absolutely maddening, but the show manages to sneak in a very bootylicious moment with Laura to break up Tom’s irritating existence. Not for long, though, because twisting the truth and manipulation come as second nature to Tom. Goodness, if there’s one thing this show has done really well, it’s made me hate Tom.

Laura does what she does best – call upon the strength of independent women and the conviction of paranoid, smothering mothers everywhere to summon the determination to break out of the mental hospital and bring Serena back, alive. So, strap on your metal platform heels and say my name, because Laura’s about ready to pay Tom’s bills, bills, bills, and this rescue party is jumpin jumpin.

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First, I’d like to pour some lemonade and make a toast to Tom, for being such a thorough pathological liar that, even after HE’S locked Laura up against her will, even after HE takes Serena the one place Laura tells him not to, even after HE does exactly what Laura warned him not to, and let’s Serena out of his sight, even after she told HIM exactly what would happen that night if he didn’t listen to her, he’s convinced himself that Serena’s kidnapping is somehow all Laura’s fault.

Yes, Tom. Serena’s kidnapping has nothing to do with the freaking evidence you stole and everything to do with Laura. Good grief, this sexy daddy gets less sexy every single episode as he continues to make stupid, selfish decisions that have me screaming, “No, no, no!” at the TV.

Of course, the entire episode wasn’t only about Tom’s ignorance and privileged power to manipulate Laura and really, truly hurt her when he doesn’t get what he wants. It was also about Nico’s selfishness and absolute betrayal, as he decides to stand up for love of his brother and save him, in what could be the last moments they have to try and save Serena’s life.

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Even though he doesn’t realize it, Nico is playing right into the hand of the prophecy Laura was given in our pilot episode. “To save one, the other must die.” That’s some Harry Potter-level prophesying right there. I had assumed this meant Laura must die, or maybe the killer must die – as Laura had assumed previously. But maybe this has been about Serena versus Nico’s brother the whole time? Perhaps they aren’t able to save both – only one. Of course, we know that Serena’s kidnapping causes the death penalty order on Nico’s brother. But is Nico choosing his brother over Serena only because of Ruby? Is she the reason? Or perhaps he still feels responsible for his brother taking the fall for the murders because he thought Nico had actually killed her.

Either way, dude is downright cold hearted for being will to let an eight year-old die for the sake of his adult brother. Laura sure knows how to pick her men – that should be a show entirely in itself – just us watching as Laura repeatedly falls for different men and then slowly discovers they’re terribly human beings at the absolute worst moments for them to be terrible human beings. They could call the show, “Dangerously in Love.”


In all honesty, though, this episode was a great use of the characters that it has built for us. It’s an interesting show because none of the characters are particularly likeable or relatable – even Laura is a bit too paranoid and clingy to be truly likeable, and Nico’s a bit too brooding. But we’re not necessarily rooting for the characters to win, we’re rooting for fate to fail. So while the show has us screaming that Laura should be through with love, we’ll keep watching, to find out if Serena can truly be saved and destiny be rewritten in next week’s episode.

Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
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