Studios to Spend Weekend Reading Hot Genre Spec “Afraid” From “Red Eye,” “Red Widow” Writers


Be afraid. Be very afraid… because and producer are out with AFRAID, a new action-packed horror-thriller from writers and .

Described as The Purge meets The Bourne Identity, the story follows four criminal soldiers whose killing skills have been enhanced by horrifying experiments. When they escape to a small Wisconsin town and begin a campaign of terror, only a former Army medic, his tough high school sweetheart and a weathered local sheriff stand in the way of these brutal killers.

The script has been submitted to every studio except for Disney, as well as a dozen top-shelf production companies. They should all recognize Ellsworth’s name, as he wrote the hit thrillers Red Eye and Disturbia, as well as the remakes of Red Dawn and Last House on the Left. He’s represented by and at the .

Altman is an up-and-coming scribe whose script Red Widow landed on the 2016 Hit List. He’s represented by and at and at .

Newman is producer of the hit comedy We’re the Millers who has the action-horror movie Patient Zero starring Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer on the horizon from Screen Gems.


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