Success is Bitter Sweet for Late Night Comedy Writers

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Photo By Myles AronowitzTBS

“My first thought is we’re all going to die,” said Christine Nangle, Head Writer on Comedy Central’s The President Show. She was not alone in her sentiment at the Late Night Writers Panel at the TCAs as they discussed what it is like to wake up every morning to the tweets of the president. Panelists included Ashley Nicole Black of Full Frontal, Nangle, Hallie Haglund, writer at The Daily Show, and Jason Reich, Head Writer at The Jim Jeffries Show.

It must be said though that the current White House administration has provided great fodder for late night television, helping to raise the profile of new late night series like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The President Show, and helped turn around the slow starts of Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah on their respective series. So what is it like living in the world of skewering the Trump administration day in and day out? “I don’t want my job,” Nangle declared.

“It’s as exhausting as much as it is upsetting,” added Haglund, who also said that host Noah has a different perspective than many writers and performers in late night. Noah, having not grown up in America doesn’t “come to it with partisan baggage,” and having grown up in apartheid will often say, “It gets worse, you guys.”

For Full Frontal, there is somewhat of a reprieve being only a weekly show instead of every night, they are able to focus more on the story their team wants to tell. Black joined the panel in agreeing there would still be plenty to write about if the 2016 election had turned out different smiling as she said she would’ve loved to “get in there on pantsuits and policies, I’d give anything”

Emily J | Managing Editor
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  1. Boo Hoo. Maybe now they can go back to non poltical comedy. Which I actually think most of them cannot even do anymore. All they know is hateful and mean shit. That is all geared towards only liberals.

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