{TB EXCLUSIVE} Bryan Singer Is Preparing Us for an “Age of Heroes”


is developing the action fantasy film through his company, . The film is based on the 90s comic series and recent novel of the same title by . will write the script. is also attached to produce, as are and through their company, .

The “Age of Heroes” comics, written by Hudnall and illustrated by John Ridgway, follow a group of misfits in a fantasy land ruled over by gods. When the gods disappear, the misfits are brought together to protect the land against the monsters and arcane magic that now roam loose. The original comics series was discontinued, still unfinished, after six issues. But Hudnall revisited the world and characters last year with a new novel, “Hell’s Reward,” intended to kick off a series.

“Age of Heroes” isn’t the first of Hudnall’s works to get an adaptation. His comics series “Harsh Realm,” co-written with Alexandre Paquette and also illustrated by Ridgway, was loosely adapted into a TV series of the same name by “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter. The series lasted less than one season, but it did live long enough to inspire a lawsuit that clarified the rules for crediting the authors of source materials on which television shows are based.

Singer is well known for his work in the action sci-fi/fantasy genre. He directed three of the films in the “X-Men” franchise (“X-Men,” “X2: X-Men United,” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past”), and is on-board to direct the 2016 “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Other directing credits include “The Usual Suspects,” “Superman Returns,” and “Valkyrie.” As a producer, his resume is even longer. He served as an executive producer on “House,” and currently executive produces the ABC series “Black Box” and the digital series “Spooked.” Hollister, on the other hand, is a newcomer, but his script “Shotgun Cinderella” made the 2010 Black List, and he is set to adapt the Allan Topol novel “Spy Dance” for Solipsist Films.

I can’t claim to have had a lot of exposure to “Age of Heroes,” but that’s part of what’s exciting about this project. With so many big-name adaptations, reboots, and remakes in theaters and in development, it’s good to see some lesser-known properties getting attention. In three years, maybe we’ll all know everything there is to know about “Age of Heroes.”

Hollister is repped by .


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