{TB EXCLUSIVE} Long-Awaited Giant Shark Thriller “Meg” Swims To Warner Bros.


  〉The project has famously been in development hell for nearly twenty years.

The long-gestating adaptation of NY Times Bestseller is now moving forward at Warner Bros. Sources reveal that the project, which has had three different homes over nearly twenty years, is a priority development. Described so eloquently as “Jurassic Park with a shark,” the film is based on the original bestselling novel Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror written by , which centers on two men from opposite points of view that are forced to band together in order to neutralize the terror that’s threatening the California coast.

The Manchurian Candidate and Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life scribe scripted the latest draft of the adaptation, taking over for the nearly seven previous writers, including Alten, that penned different versions throughout the years. Sources reveal that Warner is currently in the midst of finding a director for the project. Veteran producer , who has long been attached, will produce alongside , while and will oversee development for Warner.

Much like the dead creature on which the film is based, the project itself was at multiple instances extinct. The Meg adaptation was initially set up at Disney in 1997 when the book was published, a bid which cost the studio nearly a one million. The project eventually went into turnaround after Disney caught cold feet about competing with Warner’s 1999 killer shark pic Deep Blue Sea. Alten, frustrated at the lack of movement on the project, wrote his own draft which he showed to Nick Nunziata, who then in turn delivered to Guillermo Del Toro.

Early Concept Art From "Meg"

Early Concept Art From “Meg”

Del Toro took the project to Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who brought on Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life director Jan De Bont to helm. New Line Cinema then nabbed the rights in 2005 for a reported mid-six against seven-figures, and for years the project was in heavy development.

Nunziata, Del Toro, Gordon, Levin, Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong produced, with Shane Salerno scripting. New Line was so confident in Meg that the project was fast-tracked with a 2006 summer release date and an estimated $80-million budget, with the project even pitched to foreign distributors at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

De Bont went so far as to hire a production team consisting of Wilson (Jurassic Park, Avatar), production designer Bill Sandell (The Perfect Storm, Deep Blue Sea), and visual effects supervisor John Nelson (Gladiator, Iron Man). The team went on to develop animatics, storyboards, and even built a 5 foot clay/fiberglass model of the titular sea monster.

However, it appeared that New Line had jumped the shark, as Meg‘s price tag began to grow drastically higher and anticipated to push nearly $200 million. Recent box office disappointments urged concern and the studio ordered a cut to $125 million. Despite cuts being made, New Line still wanted more, leading to the film’s producers and creatives jumping ship. New Line’s adaptation eventually sunk, and the rights reverted back to Alten in 2007, who continued to push for the film to be made. Now, eight years later, the rights have landed at Warner and the project is back on track.


Alten’s bestselling debut novel, which was a hit at the Frankfurt Book Fair at the time of its release, was so successful that is spawned three sequels. The series follows a team of scientists that must capture a massive prehistoric shark, long believed to be extinct, that becomes unearthed from the depths of the Mariana Trench. The species in question is that of the Carcharodon Megalodon, an apex predator that reached nearly 80 ft, and went extinct around two million years ago.

Wilson, who has been attached to the project since the New Line stint, has worked on a number of classic blockbusters, including Jurassic Park, Avatar, War of The Worlds, and Troy. Up next, he’s currently serving as an executive producer on Warner’s forthcoming supervillain ensemble Suicide Squad, which stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto.

Though uncredited, Georgaris has worked on Life of Pi, Wanted, and Mission Impossible III. A producer and writer, he’s currently scripting Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong adaptation, as well as producing Paramount’s fantasy The Girl Who Could Fly and horror comic adaptation Damn Nation. He’s repped by and .


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27 Responses to {TB EXCLUSIVE} Long-Awaited Giant Shark Thriller “Meg” Swims To Warner Bros.

  1. Finally, I have been waiting years for this book to become a movie. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to finally catch up with,I have known for years. Congrats to Steve Alten. My favorite author. P.S. if you need someone to be shark bait. I will take one for his team.

  2. I am beyond thrilled with this news! Steve Alten is a wonderful author dedicated to his readers. No one deserves this more. Not to mention, the movie will be an enormous hit!!! Best of luck!!!!

  3. If done right, this could be HUGE. Alten’s series is deserving of nothing less!!

  4. Fantastic!!!

  5. Finally!!
    I am thrilled. I love this book and all in the series. So happy Steve’s hardwork is paying off.

  6. I read this book for a school assignment at SJSU and love it! This year: Jurrasic World Next up: a Jurrasic shark! Go MEG!!

  7. Congratulations to Steve Alten! I am so thrilled for Steve, a super nice guy and exceptional author, as well as for me and my fellow “Meg-heads.” We have been waiting so long for this exciting novel to become a movie! Wish it were coming to the theaters tomorrow!

  8. Fab news for the Megheads and Steve Alten. Well deserved – make sure you do his books justice! Absolutely thrilled at this news

  9. Congratulations Steve! This is a perfect example in self belief and that hard work does reap its own benefits….the article reflects Meg will out in 2017, so if they do it justice, The Trench in 2019, Primal Waters in 2021, Hells Aquarium in 2023 and then finally Nightstalkers as a two parter over 2025 and 2026. Boy, have Megheads got something to look forward to!

  10. Every boy’s dream.. a big budget shark film that will make a lot of people more interested in sea science. I vote for Sam Mendes as director. Don’t go crazy on the sharks size as even a conservative estimate is chilling to think. With the right special effects it should be huge!

  11. About damn time!

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