{TB EXCLUSIVE} McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision Gets a Little “Fractured”

’s psychological thriller , previously in development at Paramount Vantage, has found a new home.

The script, which centers a man who becomes convinced that his missing family was kidnapped as part of an organ smuggling conspiracy, is now moving into development at ’s . Wonderland’s Mary Viola will produce alongside , alongside the original producers Mike Macari and Neal Edelstein, the team who brought us “The Ring.” Macari/Edelstein Films, a company known for their small budget horror films, is also attached to produce.

Wonderland is the production company behind “3 Days to Kill” and “Terminator: Salvation.” No stranger to the action and thriller genres, Wonderland has also produced NBC’s “Chuck” and the long-running CW series “Supernatural.” Their upcoming projects cover a wide range of genres from action flicks, such as “Dead Spy Running,” to musicals, like the big screen adaptation of “Spring Awakening.” The company is also producing Chris Evans’s directorial debut “1:30 Train,” the story of a young woman in New York City who is robbed on her way to catch the 1:30 Train to Boston and ends up lost and alone in the dark underbelly of New York at night. Kinda sounds like my worst nightmare.

It will be interesting to see if this will be more of a big budget blockbuster at the new company. It could all come down to who they find to helm the project.

McElroy, who previously wrote “Wrong Turn” also has “Man and Wife” set up at Fox.


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