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Story chronicles the early career of Bill Watterson, author and creator of Calvin & Hobbes, and his coinciding struggle with the sudden popularity, coverage, and licensing battles that came with creating one of the most influential comics of a generation.

“The Boy And His Tiger” is simply fantastic. It builds at a perfect pace, juggles countless small moments and weaves them easily into the big picture without losing sight of their small meanings. Bill Watterson is a complicated character, in real life and in the script, but the writer comes from such a place of clear admiration that the audience falls in love with Bill’s eccentricities as quickly as his wife and the world does. It’s honestly hard to find anything negative in the project as a whole, or anything that can be improved. While there are individual tweaks that could be made, it almost exclusively comes down to personal preferences rather than outright writing issues. The script as is serves as a pitch perfect project to start making rounds to get representatives or talent interested in this writer, this script, and the launch of what should become an exceptionally talented career.

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3 Responses to TB Recommends: THE BOY AND HIS TIGER

  1. Does this writer actually have the life rights of Bill Watterson? He’s notoriously reclusive,

  2. Risky spec to write but a man who I’ve always been fascinated by.

  3. No. No, nononono. NO. Absolutely not. Since Bill Watterson is such a notorious recluse, since so little is known about him, and since he VALUES HIS PRIVACY, this is a project that I hope never takes off the ground. To do so would grossly go against so much of his values. No.

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