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THE 100 made good use of its third hour in this fourth season as the nuclear storm brings Luna (Nadia Hilker) and Nyko (Ty Olsson) to Arkadia seeking help as Luna and a handful of grounders are suffering the effects of Acute Radiation Syndrome (A.R.S.) from eating fish. With no options on hunting for food, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) must ration supplies as she prepares Arkadia for the oncoming storm. As she preps she confronts Clarke (Eliza Taylor) to prep a list of a hundred people to live in the ark.


What I love about this week is that this show is preparing for the worst be literally bringing it back to The 100. I understand Raven’s frustrations completely as she has to prepare for survival and everyone’s getting in her way. She didn’t want to be in charge of this situation, on top of everything that she’s been through throughout the series, she has to go through this too. She was coming down hard on Clarke, though, for not creating the list of a hundred to board the ship. Lindsey Morgan gave a stand out performance, being very hard yet sympathetic. As Abby (Paige Turco) managed to get some medicine to treat a little girl who has been affected, thanks to John Murphy (Richard Harmon) coming back to steal meat for him and Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira). Murphy is another character who has come a long way from the first season as he now does the right thing in spite of his self-interest. Even though he’s doing it for his own survival (as well as Emori’s) he’s now going to help Abby in the med bay.

The 100 -- "The Four Horsemen" -- Image HU403a_0437 -- Pictured (L-R): Ty Olsson Nyko, Nadia Hilker as Luna, and Paige Turco as Abby -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

As Clarke faces the moral dilemma of choosing a hundred out of five hundred to survive, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) suggests that a nearby bunker may offer salvation. Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) go along with him only to discover the that the bunker was not properly sealed and became a tomb for those who went in all those years ago. This adventure provided some great soul searching for both Bellamy and Jaha, as Jaha tells Bellamy that the path to redemption is through forgiving himself. This is true, and are wise words to help heal oneself, but Bellamy tells Jaha “if there’s a Hell…I’ll see you there”. Those are some chilling words and I understand why no one could forgive or trust Jaha after everything he’s done, but man that might be some of the harshest words uttered on this show. Once they get back to Arkadia, Clarke is crying as she makes the list naming Bellamy person number ninety-nine. Bellamy who was sleeping on the couch in the office where Clarke was making that list, wakes up and adds her as the final and one-hundredth survivor. He says that if he’s on the list, she’s on the list. As Jaha pointed out, Bellamy and Clarke lead well together and are humanity’s best option for surviving and rebuilding. Together.


Meanwhile, at Polis, King Roan (Zach McGowan) has lost the flame and enlists Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) help in retrieving it, as without it respect is lost and other clans start jockeying for power. Octavia tracks down the keeper of the flame Gaia (Tati Gabrielle), who ends up being Indra’s (Adina Porter) daughter. It’s a good thing Indra was following Octavia as she got the best of Gaia in a fight and was about to deliver a killing blow until Indra stops her. Octavia, who as I remind y’all every week is the best character on this show. Octavia uses some quick thinking as renegade grounders are at their door, and comes up with a plan to let the renegade grounders destroy what they think is the flame. This allows Gaia to keep it safe while fleeing Polis even though Octavia points out Roan should have it. Octavia tells Roan it was destroyed to which Roan tells her that he will now need her full time as her legend of “skai-ripper” has grown exponentially. We finally see Indra and Octavia’s dynamic explored more as Gaia points out she finally has the daughter she wants. Indra trained Octavia well as she is now the most feared person in Polis. Even King Roan knows she’ll be willing to kill to keep order and make good political judgments. We are getting great stuff at Polis with Octavia as we watch her descend and hopefully keep peace while Clarke still tries to figure out a way to beat the storm.

My hat is off to writer Heidi Cole McAdams for delivering the best episode of the season thus far which takes the show back to its first two seasons of characters making hard, harsh decisions for a (hopefully) better outcome. There was not a wasted moment here as I really thought they had found salvation through Jaha’s discovered bunker. I had even thought that Clarke would go back to Polis to start negotiating with Roan on who gets in and how. Yet I should have known better as nothing is ever this easy on this show. I always ask myself what would I do facing this situation. I almost always come back to the same conclusions as the show.


With such a strong episode, and the environment deteriorating around them, hopefully, Abby can use Luna’s nightblood as a cure to combat the incoming storm since Luna is immune. But the question is just how can they use one person to save two cities worth of people? It’s amazing how even in the face of an impending apocalypse, people still jockey for power. Let’s hope The 100 stays this good from here on out.

A+ Grade

Season 4, Episode 3 (S04E03)
The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9PM on The CW

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