“The Fate of the Furious” Broke Worldwide Records and Beat “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

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Box Office 4.13

Film  Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
The Fate of the Furious $98.7m $98.7m $98.7m
The Boss Baby $16m $50.1m $116.7m
Beauty and the Beast $13.7m $174.7m $454.7m
Smurfs: The Lost Village $6.7m $13.2m $24.9m
Going in Style $6.2m $11.9m $23.3m

The Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, wasn’t able to surpass $100 million in its opening weekend as many were hoping and predicting it would, but that doesn’t mean it walked away from the weekend with nothing to brag about. In fact, widen the playing field, and Fate actually did something astonishing: it broke the international opening record and the worldwide opening record, beating both Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, respectively.

The film just barely managed to maintain the second-best opening of any film in the franchise, as 2013’s Fast & Furious 6 opened to a little over $97 million. As it is, it likely won’t top Furious 7, which made an astonishing $147 million in its opening weekend and $353 million total domestically by the end of its run, but that’s not where the real story lies. With Fate‘s incredible international performance, the real competition will be between the global intakes. Furious 7 made $1.5 billion worldwide in 2015 and its foreign total for the opening weekend was only $250.5 million compared to Fate‘s $433 million foreign opening, beating the record Jurassic World previously held at $316.7 million. Worldwide, Fate made $531.9 million in its first weekend, barely besting The Force Awakens’ worldwide opening of $529 million. If Fate is able to keep this up in the weeks ahead, it will undoubtedly land among the all-time best.

Overall, The Fast and the Furious franchise is now just shy of $4.5 billion worldwide among all its eight films. It’s decidedly lower than the worldwide totals of franchises like Marvel ($10.9 billion), Star Wars ($7.7 billion), or Harry Potter ($8.5 billion, including Fantastic Beasts) but with at least two more films planned for 2019 and 2021, that number will only grow, although never likely to surpass any of those previously mentioned.

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Elsewhere, as expected, both The Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast dropped less than 50 percent in their solid week-to-week holdovers. The Boss Baby has now made $116 million domestically and $288 million worldwide. It’s the 22nd highest DreamWorks Animation film and a little less than $30 million away from breaking into the top 20. Speaking of the 22nd highest film, however, that’s where Beauty and the Beast currently sits on the all-time worldwide ranking. Unlike Baby, though, Beauty and the Beast only needs a little more than $10 million to break into the top 20 and beat Rogue One, which is currently the twentieth highest film. Given it’s continually performed well week after week, both domestically and internationally, since its premiere, that shouldn’t be too difficult and soon we’ll all be watching to see just how high it can climb before its time is up in the theaters.

The final two films, Smurfs: The Lost Village and Going in Style, duked it out in a close battle over the weekend but ultimately it was the former that came out ahead — although just slightly. Like because kids were out of school, the animated family fare pulled in $6.7 million, dropping a little over 50 percent. The Going in Style remake, meanwhile, continued to perform well given it wasn’t expected to do all that well in the first place. It’s now made $35 million worldwide and needs to bring in a little more to make good on its $25 million budgets.

Outside of the top five, Get Out, still in the top ten, had the smallest drop of only 26.4 percent and has made $167 million total domestically, coming in as the fourth-highest film of the year so far. As more blockbusters open, it will drop, but it’s still going to go down as one of the most critically acclaimed and best-performing films of the year.

(Source: boxoffice.com, boxofficemojo.com. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

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