The Goetz Brothers Set Next Film with Horror-Thriller “Superstition” (EXCLUSIVE)

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〉The film is based on a script from the creator of the Final Destination franchise.

A new horror flick is on the horizon and director brothers and have signed on to direct. is written by Jeff Reddick and currently set up at Lionsgate.

The film takes place on a college campus, skewing the film younger just as Reddick’s Final Destination films did. When two unrelated deaths happen on campus, a betting pool is set up to figure out who will die next, because deaths always come in threes (similar to that celebrity death myth). However, when a student wins the pool, murderous consequences merge.

Teens have gone hand-in-hand with horror stories for decades and are still enticing audiences, from current TV series Scream and Scream Queens, as well as the endless remakes of teen-based horror movies like The Nightmare on Elm Street. With the popularity of Final Destination and all its sequels, there’s already a built-in audience for this new film.

Various production companies, including CodeBlack Films, Global Renaissance Group Entertainment, and Ingenious Media Services Limited are developing the project. Christina Sibul is overseeing for CodeBlack.

Reddick is set to executive produce, with Arthur Wylie, Carol Ann Shine, Dale Godboldo, and Stephanie Denton producing.

Previously, the Goetz have directed the thriller films Scenic Route and Martyrs, and wrote the screenplay for the 2000 film Tycus.

Both Goetz brothers are repped by and .


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