THE MICK Review: “The Climb”

From princes to paupers back to princes, the Pemberton crew is no stranger to fall up and down the social ranks. But now that they are living in their Grandmother’s mansion they each want to use the opportunity to ascend the social ladder. In this week’s episode of The Mick, titled “The Climb”, everyone creates an elaborate plan to win over the social elite.

At breakfast, Sabrina announces that she is hosting a salon. Not for overpriced bob and highlights, but a salon as in an intellectual gathering of young tastemakers. Sabrina plans to use this party to is try to climb the social ladder and join the circle of successful artists around her. Micky, whose idea of art is somewhere between potato skins and malt liquor, doesn’t get the point of sucking up to snobby artists. As far as she’s concerned as long as they’re living in their grandmother’s mansion, the kids don’t need to worry about their status.

In part she’s right. Worrying about fitting in with the cool crowd can make you do pretty stupid things. This point is further proven when Ben brings his new friend Totsi over. Totsi is a meditating, coffee drinking dread head, whose pretentious attitude is too much for Mick to let slide. Totsi may have a blue belt in karate, but Mick understands that being while being cool is important, it’s not worth Ben’s dignity. Ben may be trying to make the same climb that Sabrina is, but Mick weakens his chances when she insists Totsi needs to go home after continuing to be a rude turd.

Meanwhile, the most unliked Pemberton, Chip, spots his newly discovered biological father Mr.Buckley. It’s surprising that Mr.Buckley is now embracing Chip as a son since he technically went on a date with his daughter. But as Mr. Buckley says, the past is in the past and he invites Chip to tag along on his business trip to Maine. Chip pictures it as a high powered business meeting, but Mr. Buckley is actually trying out some of his companies camping equipment.

Back in their neighborhood Mick quickly retracts her anti-Totsi platform when she finds out that Jennie Garth, aka Kelli Tyler from 90210, is his mother. Seeing this as an opportunity to do some social climbing of her own, Mick invites Jennie to Sabrina’s salon. It’s just like Micky to take a stand and then back away from it when it doesn’t benefit her anymore. Unfortunately, Jennie’s personality is just as grating as Totsi is. Despite Alba’s pleas Mick and Sabrina both want to get rid of Jennie until she invites Micky to Mario Lopez’s birthday.

Well, of course, Micky is almost close to pulling off her plan until someone else throws a wrench into it. Ben hasn’t been getting along with Totsi who has taken it upon himself to cleanse Ben of his favorite material possessions. Well, in turn, Ben does the same thing by cutting off Totsi’s precious dreads. Now Micky can kiss Mario Lopez and Jennie Garth goodbye.

Things have also taken another negative turn with Chip and Mr.Buckley. Chip accidentally hurls a canoe rack onto Mr.Buckley, breaking his leg. Although Chip has always inherently been a coward, he’s desperate to impress his new daddy and manages to get help. Even though Chip has fully embraced him as a new father figure, once they get to the hospital Mr.Buckley reveals that he isn’t in fact Chip’s real father. It turns out that Chip isn’t a Pemberton or a Buckley. So who is Chip’s real father?

TB-TV-Grade-B-Season 2, Episode 10 (S02E10)
The Mick airs Tuesdays at 830PM on Fox

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