THE MINDY PROJECT Review: “Morgan’s Wedding”

Over 5 years and 114 episodes later The Mindy Project took its final bow this past week. Though it may not have been this generation’s The Wire, the show helmed by writer, actress, model, style icon, and overall inspiring human Mindy Kaling still made history in its own right. Sure, there were some missteps along the way, as most shows often do. Besides, if America is allowed to continuously award mediocre comedies like The Big Bang Theory, then The Mindy Project is allowed to be mediocre in its own right. In itself, The Mindy Project was a huge step forward for representation for women of color both on screen, in the writer’s room, and for content produced by streaming services. As the curtain closes this week’s episode titled “Morgan’s Wedding”, we are left with the message of sometimes people change and that’s okay.

We open with Mindy scrambling to save her fertility practice, Later Baby. With Jody pulling out, his equity this time, Later Baby won’t be able to keep their doors open without his funds. Desperate to find a replacement, Mindy takes her accountant’s advice and interviews potential partners. However, the search is a bust. With more duds than dollars, it looks like Later Baby might have to just say… well, later.

Back at the hospital, Annette is getting ready for her mastectomy. The procedure is still freaking Danny out, but he’s clearly more willing to be cooperative with Mindy. In reality, she and Danny are a good team when they’re not bickering over pizza or cancer treatments. Yes, most of the audience has had its fingers crossed for a Manny/Dindy… not sure what their celeb couple name is, but a Danny and Mindy reunion. However, with this being the final episode, it was unclear whether or not this long-running romantic comedy was going to deliver. As Mindy runs through the final itinerary for both Morgan’s wedding and Annette’s surgery Danny is impressed by her ability to juggle her practice, the surgery, the wedding, and their son Leo. Mindy usually couldn’t find time for both her friends and professional life, a flaw that doomed her marriage with Ben. Now it seems that she has turned over a new leaf. This change has surprised Danny and the viewers. So naturally, Danny is disappointed to find out that Mindy is losing her practice just as she has managed to find her stride.

At Morgan and Tamara’s wedding, everything is in full swing. Morgan’s cousin, Lou Tookers, played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney. Lou is just launching into his second felony story when Mindy gets a call from her accountant telling her that Danny has just invested in Later Baby. Mindy understandably swirls through a lot of emotions. She’s relieved because the practice she has worked so hard to create has been saved, but also wary because Danny didn’t want her to start it in the first place. It was what drove a wedge between their relationship and his lack of support is what tanked their engagement. Mindy quickly calls Danny to get him to rescind his offer. But Danny throws a curveball and admits that he was wrong for doubting her in the first place. After he ensures her that he won’t interfere with the way she runs her business, Mindy thanks him for keeping Later Baby afloat.

Back at the reception, Morgan sets the stage for what he promises will be the greatest speech of all time. As Mindy approaches the front she reminds everyone of how far Morgan and Tamra have both come since they first started working at Shulman & Associates. That’s when Mindy realizes what real change means. It doesn’t happen overnight. But maybe over the course of a few years of a TV show. If even Morgan can move out of his Grandmother’s basement and give away his beloved dogs for his even more beloved wife, then maybe Danny had really changed too.

Wearing the bracelet that Danny gave her, Mindy decides to do what is inscribed in Italian inside – run. Run, not towards the nearest hot dog stand or Beyonce, but to the man she has loved all along, Danny Castellano. When she gets to Annette’s hospital room, Mindy is ready for her big romantic gesture when Danny nonchalantly shows up behind her with coffee. He’s too worried about his Mother to realize that Mindy has come to proclaim her undying love for him. Feeling rebuffed, and hungry from her marathon to the hospital, Mindy goes to the break room and Danny close behind. They have the heart to heart we’ve been waiting for since they break up. As they cuddle on the break room couch and start to plan the rest of their lives together, it feels like they are finally at the time in their lives to be right for each other.

Over the years we’ve seen Mindy struggle to find the right guy, right now. It wasn’t until she took the time to work on herself, both professionally and emotionally that she was able to become the person she needed to be. Both for herself and Danny. Maybe ultimately, they won’t work out. Maybe they’ll end up arguing about Danny’s religion or how close they should live to a cupcake bakery. Just like it took time for them to become the people they are now, it will take time to figure out where they will end up. It’s just going to have to happen off screen and instead just in the magical world of The Mindy Project.


Season 6, Episode 10 (S06E10)
The Mindy Project streams Tuesdays on Hulu

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