The Runway – Your 2016 Pilot Survival Guide: NBC Dramas


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Apart from NBC‘s discernible desire for a primetime soap, it’s difficult to figure out what the network is looking for. We’ve got two franchise spinoffs, a serialized primetime soap, an episodic/serialized primetime soap/legal procedural, a fantasy-mystery-romance, a time-travel action-drama, a procedural action-thriller, and a comedy-drama.


Is there a method to NBC’s madness? NBC will be wanting to make better drama orders this year. Last year’s The Player was cancelled after nine episodes. Heartbeat premiered in March to so-so ratings, and seems headed towards a May flatline (it has already died a critical death). Like Heartbeat, Game of Silence premieres next week following The Voice. Things don’t look promising.

With Hannibal and Heroes Reborn gone as well, NBC might be looking at a lot of drama holes to fill in May.

Let’s go…


               The Blacklist Spinoff         Chicago Justice       Cruel Intentions      Midnight, Texas

                                  Miranda’s Rights          Taken              Thirty-Six                  Time 


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