WILL & GRACE Review: “There’s Something About Larry”

This week’s episode is back to focusing on Will and Grace’s working relationship. This storyline has taken a backseat in the last few episodes. Will and Grace are disagreeing over their management styles which stems from Grace’s need to be a people pleaser and Will’s insensitivity. This theme is introduced when Will and Grace are entertaining their friends Joe and Larry and being bored by their pictures of their daughter who has gone off to college. Larry is sad about being an empty nester which prompts Grace to hire him despite him being under qualified. 

Meanwhile, Jack is starting a new job as a Lyft driver and takes Karen on his first test ride when he hits a pedestrian, Val. Jack and Karen try to help Val but she’s only interested in speaking to Karen about the accident. Karen thinks Val just wants money for the accident but Val really wants Karen’s friendship instead.

At first, Will is upset with Grace for hiring Larry. But when Will notices that Larry sides with him more than Grace, he starts to enjoy having Larry around. Grace confronts Larry about him flip-flopping and siding with Will and Larry admits he has a crush on Will. Grace decides to fire Larry without telling Will about Larry’s crush on him. Everything comes to a head when Will rehires Larry but Larry misunderstands Will’s gesture as him wanting to sleep with him. 

In the end, Jack outs Val for being a total “Wack-a-do” and wanting to make Karen her best friend. 

I really enjoyed this episode because of how relatable it was, we’ve all been a Grace at some point in our lives and wanted to be a people pleaser. I thought this episode was great at showing how Will and Grace’s need to be right lead to awkward yet funny situations. And in this case it was the classic miscommunication scenario, when Larry thought Will was agreeing to sleep with him and Will was just trying to rehire him.  

Molly Shannon’s performance was hilarious as Val. She’s great at playing psychos you can sympathize with. One of my favorite lines was when Grace was telling Jack what he needed to do to get evidence that Val was plotting on Karen, Jack: I heard the same thing on Fox news so you know it’s a true fact.

I didn’t’ have much to dislike about this episode other than wishing that Jack would have had more Lyft customers besides Karen. Hopefully, they keep the Lyft storyline going a few more episodes and we get to see some funny interactions with Jack and Lyft riders. 

TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 9, Episode 9 (S09E09)
Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9PM on NBC

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