WILL & GRACE Review: “Who’s Your Daddy”

This week’s episode takes a step back from politics and focuses on a much more pressing issue, aging gays. Jack is jealous of Will because he got called a daddy (an old gay man) by a younger guy. But Will was hit on by a younger guy and has a date with him.

Meanwhile. Karen’s staff is asking for a raise which Karen uncharacteristically grants and it also prompts her to ask for a raise herself from Grace.  Grace laughs at Karen’s request because she believes that Karen doesn’t do anything to deserve a raise. Karen’s new voice-activated shower locks her and Grace inside leaving them to hash out their issues.

Jack goes back to the Cockpit (local gay bar) to prove he’s not a “daddy” with the help of Karen’s anti-aging products; magnets to pull his face back and a bodysuit made for “fat babies”.

Will is courting his younger date but quickly realizes the generation gap. His 23-year-old has no knowledge or appreciation for the struggle of being a gay man in America. Will takes this opportunity to lecture him.

While Grace and Karen are stuck in the shower Grace realizes that Karen is valuable, in her own way because she can calm Grace down in stressful situations. Grace agrees to the raise and they make up.

After Jack cuts himself out of his baby suit and applies too much makeup he sends his young date running home screaming. Will and Jack agree that they should date men their own age and dance it out to Madonna’s Borderline.

I loved the storyline in this episode. It seemed like the most logical thing to discuss given Jack and Will’s dating life was always the center of attention. So it makes sense that they would deal with dating younger men 11 years later. The landscape has changed so much, and millennials jokes are always my favorite jokes. Specifically that the 23-year-old has ADHD and FaceTime’s his female roommate on his date with Will.

This episode also reminded me that Sean Hayes is still one of the best physical comedians in the game. I was laugh-crying when he went back to the Cockpit wearing Karen’s bodysuit and attempts to hit on a guy barely being able to move. I also loved Grace explaining why she doesn’t go to the Cockpit anymore, because she got tired of Jack introducing her as his drag queen friend, “Judy-ism”.

I did think the storyline with Karen and Grace lacked the same excitement. And the high tech shower seemed like its only purpose was to remind us that it’s 2017. But it also seemed like the writers ran out of ideas for this smaller storyline. I just needed more classic Karen and classic Grace jokes.

I still thought this episode was clever, witty, and had some of the best punchlines so far. I also like that they tackled the issue of today’s generation forgetting about the struggle waged by those before them. Even though they didn’t acknowledge the fact that LGBTQ millennials are still very socially conscious and actively exercise their right to protest. Looking forward to see which issues they tackle next week.


Season 9, Episode 2 (S09E02)
Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9PM on NBC

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