WYNONNA EARP Review: “Shed Your Skin”

WYNONNA EARP faces demons at her old high school in “Shed Your Skin.” The second season gives us a much more mysterious Waverly while developing a few new characters. Agent Lucado tries to reorganize the team Dolls left behind, but no one is interested in following her lead or rules. At first, she seems more concerned about following some black Badge administrative procedures than running up a proper demon score. Career stability over job performance is a realistic current issue among government agencies.

Sheriff Nedley proposes Doc buy, manage, and reopen “Shorty’s,” but the taxes and paperwork have to be legit. Doc has a couple of reasons for taking on the saloon but he needs an investor to make it happen. Doc steals secret files from Lucado’s safe and blackmails her for the startup cash, but he puts his own interesting twist on the deal. Doc plans on producing some illegal serum in the bar’s basement. He convinces Rosita Bustillos to help on both levels in exchange for protection. The question is, protection from whom, Black Badge or the Earps?


Lucado hired and paid mercenaries to hunt and kill Dolls on her own dime. This information would destroy her career if Agent Moody found out. It probably wouldn’t help if Black Badge discovered she was an investor in “Shorty’s” either. Lets count this a win for Doc. Jeremy, the new lab tech/sidekick, is another win. Doc still needs help learning how to wield modern toys and Jeremy is patient and happy to explain. Waverly used to do this buddy work but she spends much more time with recently demoted Nicole Haught. Their relationship is stronger than ever, but the Waverly mystery deepens.

The first big question hanging over Waverly is whether she’s an actual Earp. Waverly finds entries in Willa’s diary about the day her father brought her home. It’s possible she’s not his child. Waverly doesn’t tell Wynonna about her family tree doubts, but she tells Nicole. Then, there’s still this dark-eyed demon thing going on with Waverly. I’m still not sure what the rules are here. She conjures it when she needs to, she tucks it away when she wants to, she feeds it but she’s always still very much Waverly.

Last week, a shadowy apparition appeared around Wynonna several times. I thought this had something to do with Waverly, but it returns this episode several times when neither Wynonna nor Waverly are present. Then main plot of “Shed Your Skin” revolves around demon mayhem at a construction site. Mercedes Gardner, a woman Wynonna and Willa went to Purgatory High School with, returns to buy up all the cheap Purg property devalued over the recent year by demon antics. One of her workers, Jesus, disappears from a site and another, Earl, is a revenant.


Wynonna finds Jesus cocooned with a demon bug. She brings it back to the lab for Jeremy to monitor, but it escapes while Wynonna and Waverly are alone. Wynonna shoots the bug with Peacemaker, but it just dies, it doesn’t return to hell. She takes it back to the homestead for a meeting with the new team, minus Lucado. Wynonna feels like Willa is haunting her and Waverly suggests they burn her things and rearrange her room to release Willa’s spirit and give them closure. Also, she’s glad Willa is gone and may be erasing her memory from daily life.

Jeremy suggests the cocoon is actually an egg and there are probably many more. Mercedes walks the halls of her old school checking on its improvements. Here we see the shadowy phantom walking the halls in the background, then, Mercedes finds herself surrounded by demon bugs the size of beagles. She calls Wynonna for help. Wynonna arrives in time to save Mercedes from a cocoon then, Waverly joins her in the demon bug search and destroy mission. Wynonna and Waverly end up covered in dead demon goo but they exterminate all eggs on the property. They return to HQ and report their success to Lucado, who barely registers what they’re talking about. She’s probably worried about the files Doc took from her. It looks like a win for Team Earp until Wynonna’s demon detector lights up, what if Earl was there protecting something else?


Waverly and Wynonna return to the site and find Earl dead, chained over a glowing crack in the floor. Purgatory High School was built on top of an escalator from hell; that adds up. When The Earps leave, we see the shadowy phantom again, but this time it’s joined by a second, like a ghost couple. One of the phantoms begins to take shape as a woman. Could this be Bobo and Willa working their way back?

“Shed Your Skin” ends with Waverly in the kitchen taking a short break from Nicole warming her bed upstairs. Hungry, she looks into the fridge but doesn’t see that perfect thing to hit the spot. Then, her eyes turn black, she unscrews the lid to the specimen jar, takes out the huge broken dead demon bug, and eats it. I hope she doesn’t kiss Nicole with that mouth.

Season 2, Episode 02 (S02E02)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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